Message of The Day

Two hands are holding glowing lights

“Dear hearts, you are asked to walk a very thin line on Earth, for not all that you see, and it really matters not whether you are witnessing events and encounters in your daytime state or in a dreaming state, for not everything that you find is your responsibility to correct or to change. It is true that you are connected with everything and everyone.

Just because you are connected with many and all, it doesn’t mean that you need to work on their behalf, and rush or push everyone to do as you feel is the right and loving way to behave. Dear ones, that wouldn’t be of love for anyone involved, would it be? And it is not your job or your duty to do so!

You have that clear knowing that working on your selves and opening your hearts deeper and wider for the Love flow to come through continuously, is the only work you need to do! Honor it and do not allow distractions to take you off your straight path!”  Archangel Gabrielle (channeled by Genoveva Coyle)

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