“When I have offered and rendered my service to the Mother in assisting this planet and all the collectives back to original design of love, I did not cry and gnash my teeth and scream and say, “Why have you given me such a terrible assignment? Those human beings are impossible. That planet is terrible.” No. Because I know, I know your beauty, I know your heart, I know your love, and yes, I know your determination, your strength, your power, and your infinite compassion. I work with thee, not only because I know you, but because I love you.

So, what I ask of you this day, in the sunset of your year, in the golden sunset of your year, is to love yourself the way that I love you, the way the Mother loves you, the way Yeshua loves you, the way we all love you. And see yourself the way we see you and know you truly to be.

Embrace what you think are your deficiencies, your quirkiness, your shortcomings, because they are precious, they are your teachers, they are your impetus, and they make us smile. So, I give you and I fill you, this day, with my golden radiance, for you are cherished.”  Sanat Kumara