Message of The Day

“It is a time for those who truly believe in freedom and in independence to stand clear and to claim their freedom and independence. And yes I know, from the experience of an old man, that this is not always easy. For whether you are declaring freedom merely for yourself from your family, or from the societies that think that you should behave in certain ways, or follow, rigorously, traditions or pathways, or whether you are attempting to liberate yourself and millions from the shackles of treachery, of abusers of power, it matters not.

And so I say to you, yes, to practice resistance. But if you practice resistance in silence nobody knows what you are resisting. So, my friends, it is important to speak up, to allow the truth of your heart to be known. So, this is what I ask of you, not only in your meditation but in your everyday life. You are the fore-bearers of the future; I am but an old man speaking from the past, but I have this perspective that I wish to share.”  Gandhi

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