Message of The Day

Tunnel Light - 3D Render. Cool Blue Light. The Road to the Light ( Near Death Experience? )

“You are living in the 5th dimension; some of you are living fully in the 7th. So, that is not an illusion; that is reality. The illusion is those that are still stuck in the old 3rd and that is fading like we say, the mist from a river, a hologram that is disappearing, a bubble that is about to burst. Are you going to fry their circuits? Yes. It doesn’t matter, they will be re-wired in an instant. So that is what your star brothers and sisters are very good at helping with and so are we. So we always tell you ‘do not do too much because you will blow your circuits’ and that is a rule of thumb. Balance is the rule of thumb. But are there some that are going to be thinking that they are simply adrift, awash in the tsunami, that their circuits are being fried? Yes, there will be. Will they be healed instantaneously? Yes, but the more of you that are ready and already anchored in the higher realms as the gate-keepers, as the pillars, as the wayshowers, the better off it is going to be.

The starting bell is very close dear heart”.  Archangel Raphael

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