Message of The Day

A man stands on a hill and looks out over the world

“Each one of you is in for a surprise, the layers are being removed. That is why so many of you have been feeling sick or tired or overwhelmed. I will do this with you. I will do this with you so gladly. I will sit with you and bear witness; I will shower you with Jophie dust so that you will have the clarity of magic and right, that it will clean away all the debris. And then I will stand with you as you step forward into that truth, the wholeness of who you are. I can hear you already, ’well Jophie once I find out what am I supposed to do with it?’ It will all unfold. All that is required is the acknowledgement and the allowance. And when you do this your life will change even more. You are already creating miracles and you are already creating the life that you desire to experience, now you are moving it up a notch, you are creating the world that you wish to experience. And that is done through the power and acceptance of who you are, of stepping out onto the stage of life. No more hiding. No, we do not want soapboxes on every corner. What we want is the alignment and the integrity. You are in alignment with us and it is because of that that I can speak so bluntly to you, that I can speak this way even as you know of my undying love for each one of you. I know what you are capable of. I know the truth of who you are. It is time my beloved friends for you to know this as well. So sit with me the other Archangels will surround us. Let us discover the truth of your being.”   Archangel Jophiel


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