Message of The Day

“No, I am not suggesting that the time of “work” as we would call it is over. In many ways, it is more intense than ever, but that is simply because it is the end and finish and completion. And what has been hidden under dark rocks and in nooks and crannies is being cleansed out – and it is being cleansed, yes, I claim with the Violet Flame, and with every flame and with every expression of love and compassion and clarity.

If there is a theme in the air and the wind, the earth and the soil for right now, it is clarity and discernment and this discernment of what is real and what is simply the drama and the mayhem, because that is the last thing you would wish to engage in because it is self-perpetuating, self-generating, ad nauseam.

So we come together to paint the sky a soft lavender and to allow this to sink into the hearts of all beings, and of course the heart of Gaia herself who has been working on this completion vigorously. There are many changes in the wind and in the soil and in your hearts. It is more critical, my beloveds, than ever to hold the vision: to hold the vision of love, to hold the vision of completion, to hold the vision of the new – and from that place, to continue on.”  St. Germaine

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