Archangel Uriel: You are trying to do so much; just allow others to be

You cannot take others problems and solve them…that is not of love for them or for yourselves. Channeled by Genoveva Coyle.

Greetings dearest ones! Greetings and good morning my Silver Angels of Light! I AM Uriel, Archangel of Love, Bringer of the bright Future in this now moment, your beloved brother and constant companion, in charge of and reminding you to step into your Divine Authority.

I come in love and I come in gentleness to reassure you that you are doing spectacularly well, as agents of change, as way-showers, pathfinders, healers and all that you have promised to the Mother. Even when you think there is not much that you are doing in the visible way, you are accomplishing so much with your quiet work, by merely being present and breathing love, thereby uplifting the entire human collective.

Use my Silver Flame to see more clearly the work you do while in dream state. Call on me and on your guardian angels, call on my brother Michael to show you that every single time you are releasing the old energies for yourselves, you are also releasing them for your earthly and soul family, and for all of humanity.

And why are we saying this to thee? Because so many times we see you trying to do so much, in the old-fashioned ways, to help your loved ones – your children, parents, or spouses, or close friends – trying to bring them solutions and assistance to help them in a physical manner. Even thinking too much about others’ troubles is hard work on your part, and it becomes a futile and quite unnecessary burden that you take on your dear selves.

As you have been told, it is not recommended that you do so, for you cannot take others problems and solve them…that is not of love for them or for yourselves. You might take their heaviness and try very hard to process what you have taken on – within your emotional and mental bodies – but this becomes only a deterrent and a distraction from your personal and unique mission.

Center in your dear hearts, send love and sit still, observe, and allow others to be! Trust yourselves! You are enough by just being the space and security of love. Trust them to see this truth!

And then continue to work on your own issues, for continuous and accelerated expansion comes with letting go! Release all the debris of falsehood, and completely remove your core issues – that load of dense, negative energies which you have taken upon yourselves to clear and purify before descending into this third dimensionality. For when you do so, you free the rest of your family to do their work on the same type of baggage. You see, the dis-eases and dis-ordered running in families are not simply immutable types of unfortunate genetics, but are, in fact, love-based decisions made between soul family members. A common family mission translated as, “if you can’t do it, then I will continue or finish your work,” type of agreement.

But once the issues are completely processed and healed by you, then your earthly family heritage is being cleared completely, and thus your offspring are free to move on unburdened, or with less processing work to be done on their part. They will have fewer harsh lessons to face and will be able to continue, in joy, to create and dream about our Heaven on Earth…our beloved Nova Earth.

I will leave you now with my love and sparkles of Silver Light! Farewell!

By permission.

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