Message of The Day

“There is much talk upon the Earth about the great changes to come – ha (laughter) there has always been much talk of this in Ireland, one of the most sacred places upon the planet. It is already an island and a beacon of Light for many. Let me suggest to you once again that these changes do not come from on high – and whether I am referring to heaven or government it means the same. The changes come from the people. Now, what does this mean? It means that you slay the serpent of illusion and that you live in accordance with the heart and mind and will of God, not of external institutions but of Love. Because in the beginning and in the end, that is all there is.

I find it curious that I have in many ways that I have come to be known as the patron saint of excess (laughter), especially because I have lived in such simplicity. The only excess I would encourage you to indulge in is the excess of freedom to move, to do and to be who you have intended to be in the eyes of God; to fulfill the promise that you have made to the Mother. Stop shilly-shallying around and get going. And if you aren’t sure of which way to go you may turn to your old friend Pat and ask me – I will be glad to provide direction.”  St. Patrick

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