Message of the Day

” …add more excitement in anticipation of more manifestations of love into your reality … it is my desire that you bring into your life only the highest and the greatest one for you and for all.

Envision only the greatest outcome and be in joy and lightness no matter what comes to you … smile and love it. More so if it seems to be less than the ideal, for this is what you might call a side lesson into the alchemy of life … intended to take you deeper and deeper into the works and studies of the mysteries of the universes and multiverses.

Asking the Violet Flame to clear your chakras and auric fields is a request that needs to be done every single time your joy is fluctuating … [and] as a blessing … as a friendly tool to welcome and meet everyone, to purify and cleanse every space and place … With cheerful love and joy, I am always by your side … ” St. Germaine (channeled by Genoveva Coyle)

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