Message of the Day

“It {ascension} is the raising up of vibration, which you have already been doing. … It is in the holding of that vibration of love that you simply get lift-off. … It is a time of transformation … the understanding and the anchoring of the Mother’s Plan of love. It is the understanding, finally, that that is all there is. … you have never, ever been limited – you just thought you were. Let it go. Let it all go. This process of ascension … has lasted a long time. If you think that you are ready, we are more than ready. All of us join with you.

The heart decision has always been yours. I already know your heart says, ‘Yes.’ Be in the center of your being, in the center of your beingness. It is not just to love; it is to be the love; and you are.” Jesus, The Jesus Book, pg 137

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