Message of the Day

“What does your ascended self feel like? It feels like you have opened the door – not claiming your I AM, but to your I AM. That this merger, this sense of separation – between you, human- current-on-Earth human you, and your higher, universal, multi-dimensional self – that any sense of division, of separation, is not present. … Is that not marvelous? That you are looking at yourself and feeling yourself and you are you. That is how you know.

… ‘I may still learn how to ride a bike or to fly. I may still learn or remember how to heal the planet or any kind of dis-ease.’ … it may come in ah-ha moments, it may come in one enormous gasp … it may be as quiet as the dawning of a new day – but how you know and how you feel is that you have expanded … in your heart. … Look in the mirror, my friends, and see me standing next to you.” St. Germaine

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