Universal Mother Mary: You have chosen to bring into balance all of who you are

There is a plan and there is a purpose for every particle that you have created and experienced. Channeled by Genoveva Coyle.

Greetings my sweet Annas! Greetings children of my heart! I am your Mother, I am Universal Mother Mary, Mother of peace and Mother of constancy, Mother of Love to you and to all.

I am here with thee today, as always, to bring you peace and understanding that all that you are is lovable, loved and cherished, without exception. I want you to feel in your heart, I want you to know without any doubt that you are acceptable…more than that, you are greatly appreciated and loved for the totality of who you are in this moment.

Yes, that includes the shadowy parts of self that some of thee are in the process of retrieving, reclaiming and loving back into that beautiful and perfect magnificent self. And what does this mean my sweet Annas? That means that you are loved as the angels, archangels and the masters that you are, for you are my children and brave warriors of peace and love that had ventured into this world with determination and with a beautiful dream that is coming to completion in this now moment.

It doesn’t mean that you have to sit at any of the poles of your beingness for too long. It doesn’t mean that you have to define yourselves as any of these parts that you find, for this is what they are really, only a small portion of you. And yes, there is a plan and there is a purpose for every particle that you have created and experienced. Let go of judgements and of the sadness of not existing at all times in the most positive side of self, for in this lifetime you have chosen to bring into balance the entire self, all of who you are.

When you hold onto the knowingness and the light of the parts of thee that have a high vibrational quotient, you are able to assist greatly with the uplifting and loving back into self of the ones with the low frequencies. There is great wisdom and reward in every part and situation that you have ever experienced, even if you are not quite able to understand the effects and the entire picture. There are lessons learned and expansions occurring at all levels. There is growth and healing, and at the same time, there is so much compassion, kindness and an overall humbleness that is flooding into thee that will greatly assist you to be the conduits of My Love for everyone you encounter.

My dear hearts, do not push and fight against yourselves any longer. Let go of resistance and judgments! Learn to allow and then to love all of the “you’s” back into your heart and soul, just as I, your Mother, love unconditionally every single one of my children.

Stay in peace, stay with my love! Farewell.

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