We savor these heart conversations with you, not only the heart speaking but the heart listening.

An Hour With An Angel

Linda Dillon, Channel for the Council of Love

Steve Beckow, Host for InLight Radio

Steve Beckow: Good evening everyone and welcome to an Hour with an Angel. I’m Steve Beckow, editor in chief of the Golden Age of Gaia. And with me today is Linda Dillon, channel for the Council of Love, author of The New You, Great Awakening, The Jesus Book. And, Linda, this is our final show!

Linda Dillon: Oh my goodness, this is our swan song? Hahaha!

SB: This is! Hahaha. Do swans sing?

LD: I don’t know. But I, should I do a few bars of La Traviata, or something?

SB: Yeah, something, something yeah. You know I was remembering this morning how this all started. Now I only have one piece of the puzzle, but you perhaps could supply the other piece. Graham came to me one day and said, “I want to do a radio show and I’d like to interview you weekly.” I said, “Why do you want to interview me?  Why don’t you interview Archangel Michael?” Now that’s as far as I know the story. The next part I know is that we were talking about being on the air, so he must have approached you? Right?

LD: You know, I guess so. We have had a lot of laughs on this show, and elsewhere…

SB: Uh huh.

LD: …laughing about our memories, or the lack thereof.

SB: Hahaha!

LD: And it’s funny because usually I have a really keen memory and I may not remember the year but I remember conversations really, really well. But all I recall is yeah, is this conversation, actually I think it was with you and Graham saying, “Why don’t we do a show with Archangel Michael and the crew, and the Council of Love?” And I thought, “Oh no! Hahaha! No, no, no I really don’t want to do that.” And Archangel Gabrielle, who you know everybody knows she’s my go-to gal, basically kicking me in the pants and saying, “Oh yes, you will!” Hahaha!  And so the rest is history, quite literally.

So it’s been an amazing seven years, around seven years, and you know, once again, Archangel Gabrielle and the Mother and everybody is kicking me in the pants and saying, “Okay, now we want you to take a next step.” A next step that I wouldn’t be taking if we hadn’t been doing this for so long and reached somewhat a level of comfort.

SB: Yeah. And it’s not, you know for me this whole thing started out as a lark, right? I mean,  interviewing an Archangel, my gosh, give me a break, right?

LD:  Right.

SB: What are we doing here?

LD: And just how crazy are you? Hahaha.

SB: Hahaha! But now I see for myself that it’s time to recover writing. I really want to go much more deeply into what Michael called the “inner work” of personal awareness. The train has stopped here; it’s a good time to dismount. But I want to tell you how privileged I’ve been, you know just how grateful I am, how honored I am. I mean when you really think about it, after seven years, talking to the Divine Mother, my gosh! I mean, how many people have that privilege?

LD: I know, and I feel exactly the same way. I feel that way for you and for Suzi and for all the other people that have been associated with our journey on InLight. And I feel this, really this depth of gratitude to the Council of Love that they’ve stepped forward in this way because you’re right, I mean the idea of having you know, these ascended ones and the archangels actually talk to us in such a public way…

SB: Yes.

LD: …has been incredible and you know, I have been thinking about this obviously as you have, I think probably as we all have, over the past couple of weeks, and I think of the journey that they’ve taken us on during this really pivotal period of time. From, you know, even beginning to think about ascension and thinking that it was going to you know, be in a snap. And hanging in there and really learning about and growing into things like our Divine Authority and thinking about relationships and sacred union in entirely more expansive, different kinds of ways.

SB: Yes.

LD: So they’ve really used this platform to bring us along.

SB: Um hum. I agree and I, when you think of it in ancient history one religious leader went up a mountain and received the law. And in this generation, all of us went up the mountain and received the law. We all of us were told things about the Universal Laws that I think alchemists would have given anything for. You know what I’m saying?

LD: And St. Germaine is laughing. Hahaha!

SB: I’ll bet! I’ll bet he’s laughing. Yeah, you know that they would have given their eyeteeth for.

LD: And you know, so often I think that we look, well, let me rephrase that. My pattern is to look externally so often for when credit is due, and I want to say this to you and to our entire audience that the reason that they’ve been able to share so much is that not only have we been ready, willing and able, but we’ve really absorbed it like a sponge. We have brought ourselves forward as well and said, “Yeah, I’m going to do this.” And then collectively we’ve also been saying, “Yeah, we’re going to do this.”

SB: Um hum.

LD: And I think we’ve reached that point where we know that none of us is doing it really alone.

SB: Yes, Yes there is plenty of evidence of that. I hope that Michael, if Michael steps forward, he will kind of summarize for us what the aims and the purposes of the Council of Love was in starting this enterprise; what they intended to do. And of course whether we achieved the result. Because there was, I can’t think of the…I’m not trying to be self-serving but I can’t think of  another enterprise that has covered the same ground. Correct me if I’m wrong. I’m just overlooking…

LD: Well I’m certainly not aware of another undertaking that has covered and consistently covered the breadth of ground and topics and subjects and really delved into them. And I can tell you from personal experience because you know I’ve had my moments. And I’m sure you and Suzi have had your moments, when I just say, “I just, you know my plate is overflowing. I just can’t do any more” and consistently the Council has said to me, “No, you keep going.” And I don’t think and I’m sure I don’t know what Michael will say, but I have a sense in a general way that we wouldn’t be heading out in different directions if they didn’t think that this piece of our work was complete and whole. And even in so many ways, Steve, like a stand-alone. You know I think if somebody went back and just for the next the rest of their life did the archives of Heavenly Blessings, An Hour with an Angel, they would have what they need to go for it.

SB: Definitely. I totally agree. And by the way, I will be doing that so don’t you worry.

LD: Hahaha!

SB: I’m planning to start a library and I’ll make sure that things like recordings for Heavenly Blessings, An Hour with an Angel are archived.

LD: Good.

SB: And anything else you know that needs to be archived so that the history of this period can be appreciated because I know the people will want to study it.

LD: Yes, and I also feel that as we were talking about conclusions, but again we wouldn’t be coming to a conclusion of this chapter if there wasn’t some other massive door opening.

SB: Sure. Absolutely. Yes, I think the financial work – that I’ll be doing alone is one job.

LD: Yeah.

SB: And then there will be the writing.

LD: Yeah.

SB: So yes, it’s going to be busy.

LD: Yeah. This isn’t about retirement.

SB: No. Haha.

LD: Damn it! Hahaha!

SB: Yeah, right. Is there anything that you can tell listeners about the new venture, the new enterprise, excuse me.

LD: The new venture is really an expansion in so many ways of what we have been doing, both on Heavenly Blessings and Hour With an Angel. And an expansion of what I have been doing for, I don’t know, twenty years on my Saturday conference calls, and what I have recently been doing on my Monday morning Daybreaks.

And the guidance has been to step forward and to merge, connecting the dots basically of not only the channeling – because the show will include meditation and channeling. But it will also include some insights, in terms of not only what do the channelings mean, and we all interpret them differently of course. But what do they mean from my perspective and what’s the Council telling me?

And also, how do we apply that to our every day walking-around life. You know, when Michael says to transmit or to surrender or to, you know, go into our hearts, like on a real practical level what does that mean? So it’s more coaching, as well. Once a month I’m going to have a guest to interview and I’m hoping, Steve, that you’ll come on and be one of the first guests. And then we will also have a portion where people are going to call in their questions on topics that they are wanting us, or just a single question like, “What’s the answer to this? What’s the inside on this?”

So it’s going to be a whole mixture of those things. So it’s an expansion for me and I am still uncertain how they are going to stretch time to let all this happen, but I do know, I’ve learned, if there is one thing I’ve learned over the years, and just as I’ve said seven years ago with Archangel Gabrielle, is that when they tell me without any hesitation to do something, I might as well do it because they’re not going to leave me alone until I do it. So I’ve learned.

SB: Hahaha, resistance is…

LD: Futile! Futile! Haha.

SB: That’s funny! Oh gosh. Well, well I have to say it, I’m going to miss you here.

LD: I’m going to miss you guys too.

SB: Yeah.

LD: But you know, and that’s the thing that needs to be so clear is that I’m, we’re releasing the current format and the platform but the Archangels aren’t going anywhere and I’m not going anywhere. And it’s the platform that I’m releasing. And our friendship, which Michael has been talking to me about for the last couple of days, that doesn’t go anywhere.

SB: Um hum. And our cooperation.

LD: Yes, the collegiality, the unity of purpose, and even though as you were saying before we got on the air that there is a difference in terms of how we are approaching the journey, that collegiality and unity, that support and cooperation – that doesn’t change.

SB: No. And I think it’s important to remember, you know I use the metaphor of cell, c-e-l-l, mitosis – the process of a cell dividing to create, in the end, a human being. It’s not separation; it’s a cell dividing. I do have my work that’s awareness, predominantly awareness writing and the whole thing grows.

LD: It’s expansive.

SB: Yes. So this is going to be a not uncommon experience.

LD: No. It’s not uncommon. And not only that, I really – I don’t just feel, I know – that it’s to be expected that as we’re growing and changing and expanding, that we can expect what we do in terms of how we do our sacred work – which is our everyday work – it’s going to change. And so I think that you and I, Steve, are being used as a flag, a red flag saying. “Get ready!”

SB: Yes, I have been thinking that this is final conditioning.

LD: Yes.

SB: It makes sense to me, I’m going to be, for instance, I’m going to be doing financial. You need to clear the space for that. It’s going to be very active so and I’m sure it’s the same for you, this is the final conditioning for you – for something.

LD: For something. And I think you know really the emphasis that the Council of Love has been focusing on I guess ever since we did the Inspired Self work is that in our ascended and our ascending selves how we go about things is changing. It makes sense because in many ways, and I guess this refers back to how I was saying I don’t know how we’re going to find the time, but I think as we become more anchored in the higher dimensional realms is that that sense of time really becomes something very different. So how we go about things also is very different.

SB: Um hum. Well what do you think?

LD: I think I’m getting nudged. Haha.

SB: Haha. Yeah, right. Somebody’s pushing you, it’s my turn. Well, Linda, since we don’t usually talk on the air again at the end of the show again, thank you for seven wonderful years – wonderful.

LD: And thank you and thank you to our listeners and thank you to Suzi Maresca.

SB: Suzi, yeah.

LD: And to everybody who has been involved in this adventure. I mean, talk about the grand experiment.

SB: Sure, yeah. Okay, us three. Here we go! And I think we are welcoming Archangel Michael.

Archangel Michael: Indeed, you are! Greetings, I am Michael. I am Mi-ka-el, Archangel of Love, Warrior of Peace, and Bringer of News. I have existed beyond what you can think of as time and yet I also say to you, my beloved friends, allies, sisters, brothers, that I exist in what you can think of as every infinitesimal moment. I am inside time and I am outside time as you conceive of it but, my sweet angels of light, so are you.

Do not allow yourself to be constricted or restricted by what you think of as time. Swim in the Mother’s infinite ocean of eternity. Sink to the bottom of the trench and allow yourself the infinite space of creation and the beauty of a millisecond, for it is all yours. And it is within thee and it is around you and it is above and below. Savor it as we have savored and continue to savor these times we have together. As we savor these heart conversations with you, not only the heart speaking but the heart listening.

We have undertaken this venture in the name of love; in the name of the Mother and Father and One. In the name of unity and unity consciousness, of the divine union of the 13th Octave, in the anchoring of peace, there has been so much that the Mother has wanted and has guided each of us to share with you. And when I say to you each of us I do not merely mean we of the Archangelic realm, for I include my brothers and sisters of the ascended mastery, of the saints and prophets and wise ones, of the beings of sheer energy – of Tralana and Halion. I include your star brothers and sisters who have joyfully joined in this conversation and in this unity.

Your idea, your concept, your knowing of what is available to you has expanded and multiplied and grown. It has risen even as you have anchored more deeply in your union with Gaia. You have come to understand not that you are Canadian or American or Belgian or Swedish but that you are Gaian and that you have an extended family that seeks and yearns for your love, your cooperation, your approval – to share in your dreams. And that that family is not merely situated upon this planet but far beyond in the unseen realms. And the realms that, shall we say, that are tangible but that are not fully glimpsed. Yes, I speak of your family of the star beings.

All you have hoped for, all you have dreamed of comes to fruition. And part of our sacred purpose has been, and is, to expand your knowledge, your heart, your love, your wisdom, your knowing into the knowing of what is real, so that it is not merely any longer what has been taught in schools or churches or in families or societies. That your awareness of your potential as your ascended, ascending, heart-centered, anchored, Divine Authority self has come to a place where you are ready for your next step. And I do not simply mean the channel and Steve and Suzi and all who have been engaged. We mean each and every one of you.

You know, when all the dross is cast aside, that the truth of your being is magnificent. And the truth of your being is not merely that you yearn for love but that you are love; that you are created, birthed in the very essence of the Mother. Those of you who have the privilege, yes the privilege to be a parent know that throughout the life of your child, and it does not matter if they are four months or four years or fourteen or forty-four, that you have these moments of deep recognition when your son or daughter does something, has a look on their face or a mannerism where you fully recognize yourself. And even when you say, “Oh, no! They got my bad habits,” there is that feeling of warmth, of love, of recognition of your creation, consciously or by accident of what you have brought forth into the world. And you also know as parent that there is very little that you would not do to truly nourish, on every level, that child.

Now while our Mother has often steered away from this parent-child analogy because so often the interpretation of the human beings has been that that somehow negated your power, which is ridiculous. But think of it this way, you like me, like Yeshua, like Maitreya, like Sanat, you are born and carry the very essence of the Mother and in that, the essence of the Father. And it is patterned. It is not just in one pattern, but just look at your breath – every in-breath and every out-breath is the pattern of the Mother, the essence of the Mother; your DNA, the activating of your DNA, all of this.

And what has this meant in practical terms, in terms of this journey that we have taken together? It is actually very simple. It is for you whom we love beyond, for you to love yourselves and in that love to awaken to what you are truly capable of. And not to simply rest in that recognition of what you are capable of, but to bring it forth in action, in creation, in the fulfillment of your dreams.

You have been and are living in form, in this humanoid form, in the most radical period of this planet. Now think of this: the original plan definitely took a detour and you have come to live in a time where all the false paradigms and grids are crumbling. All the patterns and behaviors that became structured and institutionalized, and even more sadly, believed and adhered to, they are all crumbling.

And part of that ability to participate and to recognize and to live and to contribute to the crumbling has been your determination, your fortitude, and your valor to see through the illusion. And what we have strived to do is to point the way and to reassure you and to say yes – that is not of peace, that is not of joy, and that most certainly is not of truth. You, beloveds, have and are laying down the new paradigm. You have the completely renewed grid upon which you are anchoring the new paradigms of beliefs, of behaviors that are going to grow and are growing into structure, into what we call tangibility, into – we don’t want to call it institutionalization because the whole idea, the whole creation of what it means to be human is fluidity. And when we speak of institutions it implies rigidity.

So when we speak of systems of justice, systems of fairness, systems of equality, new paradigms of relationships, of family, of cities of light, of what it means to truly heal, you are literally laying that down. We have been overjoyed, excited, committed, and continue to be to assist you in this laying down, but you are also fully assuming your mantle of Divine Authority. When the Mother has said to you that you are the pathfinders, you are the wayshowers, this is meant not figuratively but literally.

You are the implementers of the Mother’s Dream, of the Mother’s Plan. And the harmony of this is that your plan, your dream, is a cohesive, harmonized part of that plan, of that dream. And so your fulfillment in joy, in laughter, in sweetness, in gentleness, in kindness, in love is a necessary piece. It doesn’t happen without you and that is why we have been so vigilant in making ourselves available to thee to share the insights and how things really work. And to point the way: to invite you, to support you – never to push or pull. Because the supremacy of your free will, of your wisdom to make kind and loving choices, is always honored. Otherwise, it is simply a renewal of the old. We won’t do that!

So have there been times of uncertainty? Times of struggle? And sometimes those times of struggle have resulted in the greatest growth, because you have broken through illusions and chains that you have carried, not only since childhood but for many of you – for eons. The reason you came to this planet in form during the time of crumbling has been not just to struggle and to break through but to truly know the joy; the supreme joy of really being there. And, sweet angels of light, that is what you are doing, that is what we have been doing, and that is what we will continue to do. This is our promise to you.

We did not merely introduce and declare the Council of Love and our ability to talk to you to just be present for a short period of time or weekly on the radio. Now, this has been phenomenal because as I have said so many times when we speak the energy, the power, the light of our message goes out across the planet and far beyond. But we are ever present and we have been and always will be. Now think of what I say. I say we always will be, as the Mother always will be, and as you, sweet angel of light, sweet being of love, you will always be.

You continue on for a period of time in these wonderful magnificent forms that you have designed and chosen, yes, in concert with us. But when you depart and whether you stay at home and play with us for awhile, or whether you turn around in the revolving door, it matters not. You continue on. And you always will. I say this because there are times when you are very tired and you say, “Oh, I’ve had enough. I think I’ll go home.” Now I’ll tell you as I’ve told you before, should you choose to return home, you’ll be heartily welcomed. You are so loved and cherished. There would be great celebration.

But you, as joyful as you would be at returning home, you would also say, “Oh no! Oh no, I didn’t do it; I didn’t finish. I didn’t complete what I wanted to.” Your valor, your patience, your insight, your stubbornness has kept you going through hard times and glad times. And that has been admired and honored, and is by us, by the Mother.

But what I say to you this night is do not give up the struggle right when you are breaking through. So often you have said to me, “Michael – Mi-ka-el, give me a sign. Give me a sign of hope.” And then we give you a sign and sometimes you ignore it, and sometimes you say, “Oh, I don’t like that sign, give me another one.” And so we do. And sometimes you note it and sometimes you don’t.

Dearest heart, the signs are all around you. The indicators of growth, of expansion, of breakthrough, of new times, of the Mother’s new times is all around you. When She has declared Her final tsunami, the tsunami within and without, what do you think She was talking about? This is one of your signs of our cooperation, of cleansing and of the creation of the new – of washing away what does not serve and leaving the pristine land, the terrain of your heart, the terrain of your consciousness. Our presence is not buried in the subterranean levels of your unconsciousness or your subconsciousness. You and your willingness to commit have brought this right to the surface.

There have been so many things that we as the Council have brought forth – never to overwhelm – to entice, to engage, to fascinate, to make you curious, to help you in your exploration. We stand in awe of you, of your abilities. Often we have said to thee, “You are the strongest of the strong.” You would not be here otherwise. You may not always know of your power and strength, but dear hearts, we do. You say to me, “Michael, what lies ahead?” If there was one thing that I would tell you, it is breakthrough, it is renewal, it is ascension. It is the collective heart opening. Yes, as I have been speaking to the channel, it is friendship.

Now why in this final episode do I even mention friendship? As your hearts expand and open, as your consciousness, your interdimensional self opens into consciousness, what do you look for?  Well, you know I would say love. But what does that look like? What do the new communities of Nova Earth, inhabited by Nova Beings, by Nova Gaians – what does this look like? We have spoken a great deal about sacred union, above and below. But part of sacred union is friendship. And I do not merely mean, although I wish to be included, that you are friends with us – that you are friends with Archangel Uriel, and the new Buddha who emerges beautifully, and St. Teresa and St. Clare and the Ancient Ones and the chiefs, all of this.

But I also encourage you, your friendships. Yes, what you often think of as your circles – your family circle, yes, but your soul circle, your human friends. These are precious. They’re – not only is there not a requirement for you to proceed alone, it doesn’t work if you believe you are proceeding alone.

There’s been too much action, and anchoring, talk of unity. Friendships are honoring, they are heartfelt, they are truthful, they are peaceful and they are filled with hilarity and laughter, with play, and joy and kindness and sweetness and shared thoughts and feelings. I am not suggesting to you that there will never be another moment of grief or sadness as you break through into the new realm. Some of you will even have moments of sadness when you look at what has been. Because, let me explain, there have been many moments – the bombing in the Middle East has been extraordinarily sad, as in pathetic. The breaking of one another’s heart is sad. The breaking of a promise is sad.

But what sustains you is love. It is the manna that feeds; it is what sustains you. Yes, sacred union, as in sacred partnership, is extraordinarily important because there are very, very few of you who came to truly live alone. But out of those sacred partnerships blossoms friendship. And they do not need to be inclusive or exclusive – forget the rules! As you are ascending, see every person as your friend, as your sister, as your brother, as someone that is worthy of your efforts and of your love. And open your heart to the stranger, and the stranger the better. And open your hearts – that is Nova Earth.

Now, dearest Steve, I did not mean to steal the airwaves. Where do you wish to begin?

SB: Haha, Lord, you’ve asked every question I had. You’ve answered every question that I had, so well, including what lies ahead. I think listeners want to be reassured that they’ll receive your guidance after the Reval. That they’ll continue to receive news of disclosure, ascension and everything, and so you are going to be continuing the kind of discussions we’ve had here on the new venue, right?

AAM: That is correct.

SB: You’ll still be their main source of information, so to speak.

AAM: It will be a source of information, of expansion, of learning because, as you well know, yes, we love to share information. But we also during these times together infuse you with light and love. Inside the sound is the light. The sound travels on the light wave and inside the light is the love. And inside the love is the sound, and the word. So yes, we will continue on and to share not only our vision for you, but to assist you in your beautiful growth, in your beautiful journeys.  So yes, no this does not end. This is just the beginning, sweet angel.

SB: OK. Well, I know I’ll be there to listen to you in your new venture. I just want to express to you, Lord, what a tremendous privilege it’s been to be talking to you, to be talking to the Divine Mother and Masters and other Archangels. It’s just a, you know, I can’t be too, I can’t use words that are too expressive. I just can’t find words of what a privilege it’s been for me, and I’m sure Suzi would say the same thing. So thank you.

AAM: And do you know you are welcome. But it is important that this gratitude, that this acknowledgment be expressed on both sides. You know, so often we seek to communicate on all kinds of levels with human beings. And even those who sometimes declare themselves willing, aren’t. Who believe they are guided and aren’t or not in their following, shall we say, of the higher path.

So for us to find our beloved, willing, cooperative, unified humans to provide the platform and the vehicle for us to reach out to millions has been a gift. And it has been a gift to us. And it has been a gift, an honoring and a sacrifice placed at the foot of the alter Mother/Father/One. And so we thank you and we bless you and we honor you and we support you. What I say to you beloveds is not, “Get ready,” because you have gotten ready. And you are going for it and you are creating and co-creating at a phenomenal speed. Look around you and feel the gentleness in the air, on the breeze and feel the strength that rises up within you. That sense of determination and excitement that is matched equally, and then some, not only by us but by your star family. Disclosure is there. So yes, there are many adventures that lie ahead and we will be with you in each and every one of them because we love you. Go in peace, sweet angels.  Farewell

SB: Thank you.  Farewell



Channeled by Linda Dillon