Message of the Day

“And what is happening… think of it as the flower garden in spring. The earth has need to be raked … turned over … aerated … watered, it needs sun, fresh plantings … then comes the blossoming and the fruit of your labours … it is well underway. …   you are living what you know to be true. And as you do that … what you think of as truth, information, situations are downloaded. … apparent in your perceptions … it is becoming second nature  –  that is the trademark of an ascended/ascending being.

And that, sweet angel, is how you know that these monumental, tremendous changes are not in the distant future. They are right in front of you! … I do not simply mean you as in singular, I mean you as in the collective.  But you, sweet angel … are embracing your future … in the present, fully anchored … creating your future.  So they go hand in hand. … A better way to think of it is you pull your future into your now, and then you embrace it … ”    AA Michael via Linda Dillon ..  from Susan’s personal channeling session


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