Message of The Day

“You are being asked now to fearlessly open up all of your senses, all of your insight and perception, to allow your heart to stay open and see through the layers and fears of falsehood!

Use the Silver Flame to reassure thee and to let go of any fears that block your vision. Do not turn your face away, do not minimize or sugar coat that which is being revealed to thee, because now you have all the knowing and wisdom to bring resolution and happiness into every situation regardless of the complexity and intricacy of the details.

You have the strength and determination of the archangels and ascended masters. You have the love of the Mother and Father flowing through your hearts and veins to you, their children. There is nothing more you need to do, dearest ones, but to really listen and connect, and then to be that unconditional and pure love that a mother has for her children; that love that nurtures, heals, changes and uplifts everyone and everything.”  Archangel Uriel Channelled by Genoveva Coyle

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