Archangel Uriel: You are the conduits of love and light…

We come to assist you to traverse these times of rapid changes with ease and grace. Channeled by Genoveva Coyle.

Greetings dearest ones! I AM Uriel, I am Archangel of Love, Bringer of the Future, in charge of the Divine Authority, your counsel, and your friend. And what do I mean by Bringer of the Future? What do I mean by any of the names I am giving myself and using today?

Dear brave ones, I am your bother and your close family, I am love just as you all are, for there is nothing else that is real but the love and the light that has been infused in each and every one of you by the Mother and Father God. But at this time in your evolution and at this time of humanity’s imminent awakening there is need for gentle and loving reminders and assistance.

Bringer of the future to you in this now moment really means that you are ready to be in this now moment, and not wish for hard work or to invest in a future reality to come to you …soon. You are more than ready to understand and accept where you are right now. You are capable of comprehending the current situation and position of your multidimensional self, and of loving yourselves and everyone else without any judgment.

When you are firmly stepping into your divine authority under your higher selves’ loving guidance, it means that you are the masters and the creators of your world. You are ready, more than ready, to proceed as a sovereign being that has all the wisdom and the tools needed to take responsibility for their own reality and future.

Why do I come to speak to thee as often as I can? Why do we all come to you these days when the chaos is intensifying?

Dear and brave hearts, we come because we are your family and your allies! We come to assist you to traverse these times of rapid changes with ease and grace. And not because we are doing it for you, but because you are now ready to be that magnificent self in form, that spiritual adult that knows how to rise above the turmoil and mayhem, to balance and re-balance yourselves and then act with wisdom and love for the highest good of all.

Each and every one of you has your own unique path and divine plan to fulfill. You all have easy and direct access to that inner peace and serenity and to the fountain of love coming from the sacred heart of God. You all have the ability to bring forth and channel a lot of love and light from The Mother/Father/One, and then to anchor it and to share it generously and selflessly with everyone on your path without any discrimination.

It is time for many of you to understand that you can also easily access the knowing of your hearts and of the sacred mind. There you will find all the knowledge and data that has been accumulated by your magnificent selves. That information and guidance is ready for you, ready to be brought forth into your reality and to be applied and used joyfully in building your new life which is based on love and light, cooperation, kindness, and joy.

We are always here with thee, ready to clear the space, ready to commune and speak with thee at any time. We are always with thee to bring more clarity and insight, but it is your decision and choice as to when, where, and how to proceed next.

Allow all the heavy and dense energies of the old to flow to the light and be transmuted. Set firm boundaries using the guidance of your heart and then choose only love and the lightness of the heart over fighting, confronting, or engaging in any debate or war over being right, or to prove your innocence or entitlement. Love is free and abundantly present everywhere when hearts are open to it. There is always access to the plenty of the warehouse of heaven for everyone that chooses to change their perspective on how life is to be lived.

You are the conduits of love and light, you are the beacons and lighthouses for many that need you, now! Step into your power and remain centered and loving at all times!

I will leave you now with my silver sparkles of love and light! Farewell!

By Permission.

© 2018 Council of Love, Inc.

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