Jesus reminds us that all that is not of love and truth is unsustainable and short lived

Start your day with a wonderful spiritual practice; connect and commune with your higher selves and invite your guardians and the Mother to be with you…Channeled by Genoveva Coyle.

Greetings dear ones! I am Jesus, I am your brother Sananda and I come today to bring you peace and reassurance in this day of turmoil, and in every day that you might feel small and out of sorts.

Whenever you need a hand in help or a loving heart to hear you out, remember that I am always with you, waiting to be called. Just call on me and you will feel that all of your upsets and discomforts will be starting to fade, and ultimately they will melt away like magic, for they are ephemeral and fleeting as all that is not of love and truth is unsustainable and short-lived.

Most of the time you turn to your close loved ones in form to comfort thee and to bring you peace. That is perfectly alright to do so, for most of the time we are assisting you indirectly and in this manner, through the ones that you are in relationship with. This is especially true when your soul family and friends are open to receiving our love.

But when they themselves are caught in fear and worries, therefore lowering their vibration, then they might not be able to hear the loving guidance, they might not follow the voices of their hearts but will respond with their human mind’s knowing and with their ego.

This is why I am saying to thee that you need to start your day with a wonderful spiritual practice, you need to connect and commune with your higher selves, invite your guardians and the Mother to be with you and guide you in every moment so that you are aligned with the flow of love and your divine purpose.

Whenever you manifest, more or less unconsciously, situations that are not expected or desirable, find the time to sit and relax into your heart and your inner sanctuary. You can then respond appropriately and take action from a higher stand or point and vibration. Learn to be patient and to go deeper and deeper into your being to find the roots of the problem.

Still better, do not think of the seemingly negative event as a blockage or as a deterrent to prevent you fulfilling your dearest dreams, but rather as a nice opportunity to learn about yourself and about the blind spots that you still have, and ultimately about the hidden power that lies within and that it is ready to be unleashed.

No one out there can assist you with your expansion better than your dear self that knows you and your divine plan. Others can attempt to give you well-intended advice and their own perspective and understanding of the dilemma and situation you are experiencing. They may even give you known solutions that have worked for them in similar predicaments.

But since each and every one of you are different and unique expressions of the Mother/Father/One coming here on Earth on a special mission, so will you each be having slightly different lessons that you have chosen to work on in this particular lifetime.

When you call on me, when you go into your heart temple and sit in silence, I will help you to let go of the clutter and the confusing thoughts. I will sit with thee and hold your hand in love, I will embrace thee until you get the correct answer that makes sense to you and you only. You would know the truth because the response you get brings you more love and peace.

Dear hearts, take this truth into your daily life and endeavor to let go of any resistance and fears that might block your way. Take the actions suggested to thee without any reservation, knowing that these steps you are taking are the opening of the doors into the new adventures and into the excitement of the Nova Earth that we are building together.

I will leave you in peace, I will leave you with my brotherly love. Farewell.

By Permission.

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