Message of The Day

“I ask of you to declare yourselves, to stand up filled with humble pride and grateful knowing, to stand with me in honor to the Mother, in the deepest gratitude to the Father, that you have remembered, you have remembered that you are creator and that it is not simply a hit or miss, now and then, lucky you, that this is the truth and the fulfillment of who you are. This is your ascended self. The energy of creation, of all creation, is love. The action of creating is loving.

As you go forth, and my friends, there is no doubt you are going forth, we are going forth together, united in heart, united in purpose, united as one. As you go forth co-creating Nova Earth, cities of light, temples of wisdom, know that we are with you, I am with you and more importantly, the I AM is with you.”  St. Germaine

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