Message of The Day

“Saint Germaine came in with phenomenal new information, but one of the interesting things that I’d like to share as we get started is that what he was saying is, for bacteria we use the silver light and for viruses we use the violet flame and the brilliant white light; and for something, um say cancer, we use the violet flame and the very soft, what he calls “snow light” – so we all have that vision of, when it’s been a cloudy day and there’s snow on the ground, and it’s white but it’s that soft white; the point being that when we use the strong white light, sometimes it’s too strong for someone who’s actually been depleted by a disease.

So let’s begin by taking a nice deep breath of pink, that gentle, soft pink. Pink is the ray of the defenders of the throne of god, the most beautiful, the angels of grace, so breathe in that sweetheart rose pink. The color of a baby’s cheeks or a gentle sunset and breathe it in and relax and bring it into your heart. And with me, anchor it firmly in your heart. Let us send the energy of the pink mixed with that gentle soft snow light, that white light, to our beloved friend and to all the wounded warriors. So see it coming out of your heart and instead of a laser beam, see it as a wavy light going from your heart into theirs and send.

And know that the power of healing is instantaneous. Healing occurs at the speed of love; and the speed of love is the speed of light squared.”  Linda Dillon

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