What sacred union speaks to is the desire and the action, the aligned action, of holding, of being, in deep reverence, acceptance, surrender, and union with this entire collective. Michael also tells us that forgiveness is not necessarily re-engagement.

An Hour With An Angel  March 15, 2018
Linda Dillon                     Channel for the Council of Love
Steve Beckow                   Host, InLight Universal

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Steve Beckow: Good evening, everyone, and welcome to an Hour with an Angel. I’m Steve Beckow, editor-in-chief of the Golden Age of Gaia, and with me tonight is Linda Dillon, channel for the Council of Love and author of The Great Awakening, The New You, The Jesus Book, currently running a webinar on Conscious Creating with the Mother. But, Linda, I also set my clock according to your quarterly webinars and I believe we have the Spring Equinox free webinar coming up next week.

Linda Dillon: Yes, we do, Steve. I can’t believe that we’re already at that point of the Spring Equinox. It’s amazing! And so as you said and as I’m going to repeat, this is a free webinar, but what you need to do in terms of registering is to go on the Council of Love website and just register. And that gives you a choice of times that work for you to be present in this, really in this E-gathering all around the world.

So it’s interesting – when I started planning for the Spring Equinox gathering the Council told me, well this is always going to be, and this has been a theme for the last two years, that it’s going to be about Spring clean-up, about clearing out our chakras, balancing our male and female, and making sure our meridians and our various fields are, you know, bright and shiny and sparkly, just like how we do it in our house; we open up the windows and we dust everything off, at least we like to think we do (Laughter).

But then yesterday they also added that we would be talking about—and this ties into the webinar that we’re in the middle of—people’s sacred purpose. I’m kind of surprised actually when I hear from people that they’re not really clear on what their sacred purpose is, and especially now as we’re really moving forward, really getting down to the nitty gritty of creating Nova Earth, it’s important for each and every one of us that we’re really clear on why on earth we came.

And that’s related to our sacred purpose and then how we demonstrate it, you know in practical ways, and in workable ways and in creative ways as we go forward so we’re going to be doing that in the webinar as well so I hope everybody comes.

SB: Sounds like they’re dressing us up in our Sunday best and getting us ready and reminding us what we’re here for. (Laughter)

LD: Exactly. And you know it really is, I mean, you know at Easter… I grew up Catholic and so Easter was a big event and Easter was when you got, even when there was still snow on the ground in Montreal—we still got that little Easter hat and new, you know, patent leather Mary Jane’s so it’s like they’re fixing us up because, “Let’s go.”

SB: Um hmm. Well, that’s great. How’s your course going, Linda?

LD: The course is going amazingly and what I’m finding really wonderful is the level of creations and the variety of creations that folks are working on. We’ve already had a ton of manifestation within the circle that’s been kind of interesting so people are getting to do their add on add on. But it’s the application of the Universal Laws to what people are working on is we’re seeing how it’s really speeding things up so I can’t wait for the next few weeks as we just go flying.

SB: Very interesting. Uh, I’m certainly enjoying it myself so I’m learning a lot about creation and about, and putting it into practice, my gosh…

LD: It’s putting it into practice that’s the real key, and you know, before, I think we often found ourselves wishing on a star, but now it’s very practical application. I’m amazed at the number of people who are working on things to do with their bodies, you know making them in a generic way healthy, whole, vibrant, full of vitality. And that really speaks to the fact that we’re really realizing as lightworkers that part of our deal, part of our contract, is to stay here in form and do the joyous work of creating Nova Earth.

SB: I’m noticing myself feeling younger, my body looks younger, I can even shake off, like, I might get up feeling a little stiff in the morning, say—and in the old third we’d say “Oh, I’m getting old”—and now I can shake myself, you know, and it goes. (Laughter)

LD: Wow!

SB: Yeah, I know! It’s absolutely remarkable for me to watch this, right, anyway so that’s what I’m noticing.

LD: Oh, it’s you know, I think we really are living in miraculous time, and as we were just chatting about before we came on the air is that we all feel that we’re—you know, it’s game time and we are prepped and ready.

SB: (Laughter) Yep, yes. Uh, I’m going to turn to the coach in a minute. (Laughter). When he’s going to blow the whistle?

LD: (Laughter) Oh, haven’t we had enough of whistleblowers?

SB: (Laughter) No, one more! Well, why don’t I let you make your transition? And we’ll be welcoming Archangel Michael, who is going to be speaking to us about how to …not generate, exactly, but produce, manifest, a collective agreement, collective unity, collective consciousness, lining up. And so with that, I’d like to welcome Archangel Michael.

Archangel Michael: And welcome, beloveds, lightworkers, loveholders, wayfarers and wayshowers, pathfinders and pathseekers, for you are united in heart and you are united in purpose. And I come to you this day, yes as Michael, as Mi-ka-el, as Archangel of Peace, Warrior of Love, and Bringer of News. I have been called many things, including coach and referee, dear heart.

You enter, yes, you are already in not only in the Mother’s infinite ocean, the fluidity of time, you are also in the time, the chapter, the sequence, the unfolding, of the new beginning. And what does this mean? Well, you, dear heart, have been exploring this in your little book, and it is called the Golden Age, and the ascension, and the shift, and so many other names throughout the universe. But it is all one thing, and it is the fulfillment of our Mother’s dream. It is the fulfillment of our Mother’s Plan.

And in this chapter of your realm of existence, it is the fulfillment of your dream. And it is the fulfillment of your plan. There is not a computer upon your planet at this time that is capable of taking the myriad of variables for six, and close to seven, billion people, and to give you a print out about the various steps that each individual could take, should take, in order to achieve a sense of collective unity.

And, yes, that is what I want and I have asked to speak of this day. For sacred union, as you know, to all of us and this Council of Love, is a subject that is near and dear to our hearts and what we also suggest as part of your spiritual DNA, and part of your human psyche.

Sacred union is also near and dear to each and every one of you, particularly, as lightworker and loveholder. And yet, at moments, it must seem unreachable, unfathomable to you about how this sense of unity—not merely the cessation of war, and I mean that in a generic sense—how can this be achieved, and how can this be achieved in a workable, meaningful, tight timeframe.

First of all let us begin by saying to you, our beloveds, our sacred partners, that the work that you have done, the embrace that you have done, the anchoring that you have done, of sacred union, in your hearts, in your minds, in your lives, in your actions, in your behaviors, in your communities, has a depth and a breadth that perhaps you are not even fully aware of. The work that you have done has been stellar.

And it has been part of, and already well integrated, braided, woven into the new grid of humanity, and into the new grid of each and every one of you. So it is not you, with your nose pressed up against the windowpane looking longingly at this beautiful figurine or painting called sacred union. It is already within you. And it is already around you.

But, sweet angels of light, now you are taking it, as the Mother’s implementation team, you are taking it to the next level. And with us, in sacred union with us, in sacred action with us, you’re communicating this in every fiber of your being: in your field, in your body language, in your telepathy, in your written words, in your spoken words.

You are bringing this to the collective, to all seven billion of you, and is this a mighty task? Yes. And it is a task that you are completely capable of and up for. When we say sacred union—and there are reams of material that we have spoken of on this topic in previous programs, and that is over and above the conversations we have had with your heart—we do not use the term “sacred partnership”. Now, this isn’t a “how many angels are dancing on the head of a pin?” point.

Sacred partnership is that intimate conjoining in love, in true intimacy. Almost to the level of co-habitation—spiritual co-habitation—and we mean the sharing of sacred space, of your sacred space. So we are not suggesting to you that you are entering into sacred partnership with the collective, but what sacred union speaks to is the desire and the action, the aligned action, of holding, of being, in deep reverence, acceptance, surrender, and union with this entire collective. So we are not asking you to do this one by one by one by one. That would take too long, first of all; and for your information and for your terminology, the clock is ticking.

Now think about how we exist. We—and I say we, the Council of Love, the entire angelic, archangelic, seraphim realm, the entire realm of the ascended masters, the entire Company of Heaven—is in sacred union. It is not merely how we operate, it is who we are.

Sacred union is the deepest honoring and respect for your own sacred self. And I mean this in the broadest term, for your essence, for your reflection of the Mother/Father/One, for your sacred purpose, for what delights you, what you like to do, and what you do not like to do. Yes, even we have preferences.

Now that does not mean that I am in intimate connection with every angelic throughout the realm. But I do carry that reverence, that depth of honoring. So whether I was to ever encounter that being or not, there is a knowingness of that essence and of that being. You do not need to meet somebody face-to-face, or energetically, to know them and to honor them, and to have such deep reverence. Because they, like you, are of the Mother.

So there is an honoring of the Divine perfection and the joy, the excitement, the sweetness of each unique expression of that divinity, of the beyond number ways that there are to serve the Mother, to honor the Mother, and to reflect back to the One and to the collective the beauty and the love of who you are.

Now in your last conversation with Galea, a sweet soul, she had spoken to you about communication, yes, and the various forms of communication, but I wish to highlight yet again so that the importance of this as Nova Being, which you already are, act as if you are ascended because you are.

Your Nova Being, half of your level of communication, is in your field emanating directly from your heart and your essence. So think of this, these energetic waves that are emanating from you, just like this broadcast goes all over the planet and far beyond, so do your waves, your electrical magnetic impulses travel, and what do they say? They say “I honor you. I embrace you. I am amazed by you. And I love you, and I know your essence, and I know in that essence what you are truly here for and what you are truly capable of.”

The reason you have come in service to the Mother, to this unique time frame, you are not saying, as you send your love out, because that is what your impulses are, you’re not saying “I give you permission to misbehave;” you’re not saying, “I give you permission to act outside of love.”

What you are saying in fact is “I know what you are capable of. I see you. I know you, and I am willing to share my love with you so that it may ignite you, so that you will fully remember, so that you will fully step forward, so that you will fully know the joy of being in service and alignment with the One.” That is what you are doing.

Now you’ve been doing this subconsciously for eons, both on and off this planet. But now you are stepping forward as Nova Being, fully conscious and aware, not only of your power to transmit, but your divine authority to transmit, your responsibility, i.e., stewardship to transmit and to communicate, in clarity with the Mother’s grace and purity, what is the truth, what is truly peace.

And then you do this because, as you are doing this, what you are truly doing is entering into almost a form of anonymous sacred union with the entire collective. And then you hone that to your telepathic messages through your body language, through your language of speech, which is kind and loving and, yes, known by your galactic and intergalactic families as Saedor.

You are upping the ante. You are upping your game. And now I am saying, the clock is ticking and the whistle has been blown. Let us begin and, dearest Steve, where do you wish to begin?

SB: Well, with the whistle being blown, when are any of the major events going to show up on our doorstep? We’re all ready, we’re, you know, at the starting block, planning as we’ve been able to, and what are we waiting for, Lord? What’s—what’s holding up the show to speak?

AAM: We are waiting for you to be these transmitters in form.

SB: Okay, so a matter of vibration, a matter of values?

AAM: Values and the holding of this energy. You think that it is just us holding things up, and it is not.

SB: No, no, not you. Not you, although somebody is, or something, I don’t know. Is—is it us?

AAM: The collective vibration…there are still these whispers and they are but scattered fragments of those old paradigms—abuse of authority, shame, blame, you know the list dear heart.

SB: Yep, yep.

AAM: And those that have been actively, shall we say, practicing some of those old patterns, clinging to them, hoping to reconnect and rebuild them…

SB: (chuckles) Right.

AAM:…now they have been active. But when you have this collective sacred union, that will dissipate. It is not a matter of finger-pointing and of saying those people are wrong, bad, treacherous, abusers, murderers. Because in that, what you are doing, is you are simply mirroring their pattern of blame and shame and guilt and fault.

So when you truly begin to simply vibrate and say you are of love, and I see you as love, and there’s no room really for this other nonsense because that is what it is, it is aberrant nonsense. Then you are setting the bar—literally the bar for the collective—higher.

The one thing, if there is a commonality in those that still cling to the old, is that they want to be first. When you set a new bar and redirect the energy, then they will come because there is still that part of them, that ego part of them, that wants to be first. But what the lightworker/loveholder community is doing is you are literally changing the behavior, the actions, the mindset based on heartset of the collective. That has been the biggest stumbling block.

And we say and we repeatedly said you are not waiting for a singular event, you are already in the process. In fact, dear hearts, you are already on the playing field and you have been on the playing field for a while. So you are already fully engaged. And you know that from your own processes.

And I do not simply mean you, dearest Steve, I mean each and every one of you. That you are not energetically or practically the person you were a year ago or six months ago. Your focus, your vibratory rate, your discretion, your goals, your dreams has changed. And they have come from a place of being what you thought were very complex to in fact being simplified and simplified and simplified so that it is not filled with angst and effort.

You know your direction, and you know how you are proceeding, but you also know that you must—yes, must—proceed in the love, because that is the only thing. Not that works simply for us, but for you. So you have reached the point where you are saying, “I do not want to engage in any of the old dramas or games. I simply wish to proceed and be the love.”

SB: I agree with you, and let me tell you the difficulty I come upon time and time again and have not solved. It lies in the area of what you refer to as “forgiveness does not equate to permission.” There are some people that I’m hedging on forgiving because I don’t want them and their behavior back in my life. And I worry that if I forgive them that I’m saying, “C’mon back, you know, and do it all again” so to speak, and I’m not, you know what I’m saying? So that’s my major stumbling block.

AAM: So let us be practical. Do you really think, now we have infinite spaciousness…

SB: Right.

AAM: …that is hard for you to conceive of, or is it not?

SB: Oh, absolutely it is. (chuckles)

AAM: But we never suggest to you that say, heaven is overcrowded. But we are not suggesting to you that you are inviting that six to seven billion individuals, or souls, to move in with you. Let us be extraordinarily clear. You need to leave them alone, because they have their own path and their own work to do.

What you are doing, and we will get to the forgiveness part, but what you are doing, is that you are acting as a tuning fork, you are acting as a harmonizer, and the role of the harmonizer has become more and more important. You are harmonizing the entire orchestra.

So think about it—you aren’t taking the role of the conductor. This is a cooperative venture and you are taking turns being the conductor, and you are all incredibly talented conductors, so scrap that idea. But there is an individual who acts as a tuning fork before the orchestra plays Beethoven’s Fifth. And he harmonizes all the instruments and makes sure that everybody has their music, their positioning, their instruments that everybody is ready, and they are warmed up, as it were. That is what you are doing with the collective.

And what you are also saying, to the cellist, is “I know, dearest heart, that in fact you cheated on your income taxes and you are not faithful to your partner but that isn’t what we are doing here. I see you as the perfect cellist, pure and sweet and capable, so maybe when you are playing the music your tendency for these departures from the truth of your integrity will disappear. But I am not in charge of doing that for you.” So that is what is taking place as you vibrate out to the entire collective.

Now let us get to your question on forgiveness. And, yes, I will repeat yet again, forgiveness is not permission. So each of you have your own preferences of those that you think have been conducting themselves in abhorrent ways, that have been entirely recalcitrant, or perhaps even distant. You have your list and it is not a matter of denying it.

But then, and you are going to, we will get to that, let us go to the personal forgiveness, then there is the closer list, those that are truly within your frame of reference. And when I say your frame of reference, I mean your circle, and I mean your life. So this isn’t some distant politician, or industrialist or banker, or dictator who has offended you, this is someone that you have had experience with.

For many of you, that is a former partner, or a parent, or a sibling or a dear, dear friend and for a variety of reasons that may or may not have disintegrated or created distance, when I suggest to you that forgiveness is key. Love, trust, forgiveness, unity, connectedness and balance – these are the pillars of the Mother’s temple.

When I suggest to you that you are entering into or practicing, engaging, in forgiveness, and I have said this to you before, but the starting point of that is the forgiveness of your beautiful, wonderful, sacred self. There can be no sacred union unless you are first in union with your beautiful sacred self.

In that place of acknowledging that this has been, how shall I say, a lifetime to beat all lifetimes, that you have come at a time of shift on this planet when love is being reborn, but all those things that are not of love have been rampant and obvious, and discordant and in your face. Yes, each and every one of you have experienced this. So you are acknowledging that there has been discord, disagreement, despair, disappointment. And you’re forgiving yourself, and then you are forgiving the other.

Now you are not saying, and you need to be clear about this, “Not only am I not giving you permission. I am not suggesting to you that I agree with your behavior, your belief system, your path. But I forgive you so that you are not carrying the burden of my judgment on your shoulders. And I am not carrying the burden of my judgment on my shoulders.”

So what you are doing in discernment is you are saying, “I know you are a divine being, born from the heart of the Mother. And in my opinion, in my discernment, of my reality, and my path, I discern that I feel that you have misstepped, or that there is not room in my pathway to engage in this behavior, in this intimacy, in this action, but I forgive you and I set you free.”

Now some people that you forgive, you are standing there like a lost child, hoping they will say, “Well, can I come back now?” Let me give you the quick answer, and that is “no”. Because unless there is an alteration in the energy between the two of you, and I mean a fundamental alteration in both of you, then what you are really doing, is simply recreating the pattern.

In forgiveness there is generally, whether it is a space of five minutes, say, with a misbehaving child, or ten years, there needs to be a breathing space. There needs to be a realignment of self to self. When situations arise where on a very personal, intimate level where forgiveness is necessary, desirable and necessary, it means that there needs to be a realignment, there needs to be a reassessment, a realignment, and then the choice of reconnection or no reconnection needs to be evaluated in that reassessment.

But when you forgive, you take the burden off your shoulders and their shoulders so that you are both free to proceed in what you know in your divine authority and your divine knowing is your path. So forgiveness does not necessarily mean reengagement, dear heart. Let me be very clear about that.

SB: Lord, I’m beginning to think that I may not understand what forgiveness is. What—what exactly is forgiveness?

AAM: Forgiveness is stepping off your path…let us get even more basic than that. When one acts out of a position, usually egoic, even when you think it is spiritual, it is often egoic, and you place yourself in front of or above the Mother and that causes injury. Sometimes it is intentional, some say, “Oh, I didn’t mean it; it was unintentional”, deeper investigation and self-reflection will show that it, in fact, is intentional. Perhaps not fully conscious, but in alignment with what we would call other collective or egoic desires that are outside of love. When those injuries occur…now, are you clear on that part?

SB: Yes, I’m clear on that part, yes. Thank you.

AAM: All right, when those injuries occur there is need for forgiveness. Think of it in this way. It is almost as if you are sending a heart message, enjoining, enjoining – ‘en’ – enjoining with the Mother’s heart, so you are sending, think of it as a laser beam, to the Mother, enjoining with her compassion, and her ultimate wisdom.

And then through that, there is another laser line to the individual. And you are saying, “there has been a misstep, and I accept my role in that misstep, either for being the object of your misalignment or your ego,” And we call this forgiveness, this, tied with compassion, and you send that energy of love into the person’s heart, so that they can realign.

When you send to the Mother it is filled with an entreaty, not only to forgive the individual who has harmed you, created injury, you are also asking the Mother for your realignment at the same time. So when it goes to the Mother, and it bounces into the individual who has caused injury, at the same time there is an in pulse that comes directly from the Mother back into you that you are simultaneously and perhaps even slightly ahead of that forgiving yourself. You tend to think of forgiveness as heart to heart, but it is more triangulated than that. Is that clear?

SB: That part is also clear. Um, Hmm. So now you’ve brought apology into it, um…

AAM: Not necessarily verbal apology. I must be very clear about that as well.

SB: I wonder if what I’m looking for is, is a description of what happens inside the person who either forgives another or apologizes to another. What—what is, what occurs, that is what this is all about, do you know what I’m saying?

AAM: It is a freeing action, it is a liberation action because, as I have said, when you forgive what you are doing is you are taking the burden off your shoulders. Think of when you have been injured. And you think to yourself, “Well, I don’t know if I can forgive that person.”

And you think about it, and you think about it, and you ruminate, and your heart is heavy, and you’re emotionally a wreck. It is truly a burden. And why would you want to carry that burden which is really the judgment; I don’t….“you have been so wrong, you have done something so terrible, you have done something that has simply slighted me. But I don’t know if I can forgive you.” And then you say, “I don’t know if I can forgive you because I don’t want a repetition.”

That is why I am so emphatic that it is not permission for a repeat. So when you are trying to forgive, and this is so often what we hear the human saying, “I am really trying to forgive X” it is ridiculous because really what you are saying is if you dig underneath it—forget the other person—dig underneath it, and what you are really saying is that “I don’t know if I can forgive myself for being set up, a target, vulnerable, this way. I don’t know if I can forgive myself for misstepping, for being open this way.”

And at the same time here we are with you, saying “please stay open”. So as these old paradigms are dissolving, there has been this history of missteps, of misbehaviors, misconceptions, and misperceptions. But if you are not willing to forgive yourself, and with yourself of this burden, then you are limiting yourself, you are limiting the idea, the essence, of who you are.

SB: May I intervene for a moment, Lord?

AAM: Yes.

SB: Well there’s one element that’s being left out of the description, and that element is that resentment feels good. You know, in the absence of my thinking of myself as making any difference in the world, I’m in that place, then what I have to play with is a lot more restricted. And so feeling good, because I resent somebody, is akin to feeling like I’m doing something and also just plain feels good.

I’m a career complainer from the earliest age and you know a gunnysacker from a long way back so I’m an expert in this field. (laughter) And I know that I enjoy the feeling of well, “I got you, you know, because I’m not liking you” or whatever it is. And I see this too in, say, teenagers sometimes.

AAM: Yes. You see it, in adolescent, childish behavior. And that is what it is. When you say—and I am going to call you on this—when you say I enjoy resentment—

SB: (Laughter) Yeah.

AAM: —then you have just become one of those beings who is trying to rebuild the old.

SB: Yes I suppose so, yes, carrying the torch for the old, yeah.

AAM: And you are saying “the good old days where I could have enemies. Where I wasn’t required and restricted to love.”

SB: (Laughter) Something like that, yep.

AAM: And then you can laugh at it, because that is really what I am trying to make you do, is to laugh at it and say, “Well, that is a waste of energy.” Think about it. You have a hundred percent energy. And then you are going to give away, in this precious time of building Nova Earth, you’re going to give twenty percent away to feeling resentful? You need that energy to do other things. Be a conservationist—

SB: Well, that’s why I am (laughter), that’s why I’m talking to you.

AAM: And that is why I’m talking to you, beloved one.

SB: (Laughter) You know, the payoff of resenting which has been—just think of the wicked witch of the west kind of rubbing her hands together in glee—the payoff for resenting has been what I’ve settled for, really. And that was before I knew what love was. You know, now, having been shown what love is, I’m motivated to emerge from resentment, but now I’m trying to master the tools.

AAM: And when you restrict yourself to the love, you free yourself and that feeling of freedom gives you the spaciousness. And you can look at what went awry and you can look at it in a focused way that says “Well, that occurred and that did not feel good. Even resentment truly does not feel good. And so I can look at it and say well, I don’t choose to repeat that.”

That is why we say forgiveness does not necessarily entail reengagement. It may, but it may not. These are choice decisions, about how one proceeds in service not only to the Mother but to yourself. If you are allergic to soy, you don’t keep eating soy. You don’t keep drinking soymilk. So it is the same. You say “well, that doesn’t agree with me. It’s not that soy in and of itself is bad. But it most certainly doesn’t agree with me so I’m not going to engage with soy anymore.”

So you leave the judgment out of it. And you are right – it robs you of blame and shame and resentment, and it even robs you of guilt because when you have perpetrated an injury what you can do is you can say, “I am so sorry, I am so sorry, I am so sorry”, and you can live in the guilt complex as well. And that is a burden. So you forgive and you let go. It is like brushing off snow, melting snow off your coat.

And once it’s done, once the forgiveness has been expressed either telepathically or heart to heart or energetically or verbally, it is done. So you don’t want to engage with somebody and say “You know when I stole your ice cream ten years ago? I’m really sorry.” You let it go. Otherwise, you are wearing coat after coat after coat and it is burdening you down; you can barely move. And it is not keeping you warm.

SB: I wonder if the sensation of wearing coat after coat after coat does not grow over the years so that for instance a person of my age can start really feeling the coats, but a person of 33 may not and so continues on. There’s a payoff for these things, Lord, like, as you well know, for things like resentment. There’s a payoff and I think people may not make the switch until the rewards of the other are known to them and they’ve experienced a little bit of them and then all of a sudden the payoff of resentment is not so great anymore. But the twinkle in people’s eyes—

AAM: And how is that payoff—yes, the twinkle in people’s eyes—but also, what happens, and this is a perfect comment that you are bringing forward, is that the payoff…how do people, those seven billion people, how do they come to know the payoff? They come to know it because you are speaking to them, you are engaging with them, you are transmitting to them, in love.

And they may not be able, certainly in the short term, to point to it and say, “No, this love feels pretty good, this is a pretty good payoff”. But when they have conversation after conversation, experience after experience of love, in the practical sense of being reinforced, seen for who they are, being told that they are loved, being told that they are appreciated, being told that they are seen, they begin to realize that it simply feels better to engage that way rather in ways that make them stiff and sore and weighed down.

You all have this. You have people that you avoid because you feel weighed down every time you have a conversation or an encounter with them. You feel the pain literally in your neck and your shoulders, in your gut, in your heart. And so you begin to avoid them. Well, if you think of this happening on a collective level. And those that are a pain in the neck begin to think “Well, gee, I have no one left to talk to and to connect with. I wonder how I should alter my behavior?” And that is happening. Fortunately, those who are being born, both the rainbows and the magentas, some of the crystals, they do not have this same urge to put on twenty coats. They move on rather quickly.

SB: And they’re confused by the way we operate!

AAM: Yes they are. Because they have a new paradigm of operation. They came in with it, and they are wide awake.

SB: Hum. Interesting. Again you said that when we saw the results of the way we’re being—I was going to say, by the way, that the people who resent and express resentment and all that with a twinkle in their eyes, they’re enjoying the feeling you know, whether it is superiority, or…

AAM: Well, it is a feeling of power, and this is them putting themselves in front of or above the Mother. “I am all powerful. And I am all powerful—I am more powerful than the Mother, who is all loving and forgiving, who is all compassionate and wise. So I am better than the Mother and I can make you squirm”. That is abomination.

SB: Well, we’ve come to see that in the passage of time when all the chickens come home to roost, yes. And we see the results of all we’ve done, so to speak, like Scrooge in Christmas Past.

AAM: And you are seeing it. And the collective is more, violently, verbally, expressing themselves, vigorously expressing themselves, that this is not acceptable.

SB: Yeah.

AAM: So there is a movement, it is not a movement of violence in the sense of force or abuse of authority, but it is violence in the sense of the perfect storm and it is already underway.

SB: Indeed. A lot of chickens are coming home to roost all over the place and I guess we can see it happening…

AAM: And this is part of the sequence of events, my love, so you say “When will we see the events?” You are seeing them every day.

SB: Yes. The Mother said in recent talk to the chorus that the Tsunami of Love had been amplified, I believe? Could you just extend that message to our listeners as well? Tell them what She said?

AAM: Our beloved Mother…if you are to think of this perfect storm and this has occurred very recently. She has amplified, within this past week, She has amplified and turned on the full faucet, shall we put it that way, of Her Tsunami. It is more than the final rinse cycle, dear hearts. It is to bring everything to fruition.

SB: Hum. Pretty exciting.

AAM: So if you are feeling that you are caught in the undertow or that you are being bounced about by the waves, turn to the Mother, grab your floatie or your rubber duck or your surfboard, or simply go to edge of the water and let it caress your toes, and let the Mother finish up what she has started. It is time.

SB: I think we’re just about the end of the program, Lord. Is there something you would like to say in concluding?

AAM: I would like to say, forgive yourself. Forgive that inner circle. Forgive your list, the one with politicians and bankers and naysayers, and then forgive, in a very full way, every single person, as one collective upon the planet, and receive, from that collective, their forgiveness.

SB: Thank you, Lord.

AAM: You are so welcome. And you are so loved. Go with my peace, farewell.

SB: Farewell Lord.


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