Divine Mother: I am here to assist you in stepping fully into your Creator self

You are here on Earth at this time of now, to create magic and a completely new world…Channeled by Genoveva Coyle.

Greetings my sweet angels, children of my heart! I am the Divine Mother, Mother of you and Mother of all, Mother of change and transformation, Mother of hope and Mother of creation.

Yes, I am here to speak to thee and assist you in stepping fully into that Creator self that you are. I am here to take you gently by your hand, to nudge you softly, and to encourage you to move further and step fully into that wonderful New You.

You see, you are already there, you arrived home some time ago, but you just can’t seem to see it. And you are asking me how can you get there, and how you can begin to co-create with me?

And I am saying to thee, and I keep repeating and declaring that you are here, that all you need to do is to change your perspective on everything that you place your attention on.

You have to start seeing only beauty and light in everything that is coming into your awareness, it matters not if it is shiny and glowing or if it is rusty or covered in mud. Learn to discard and to let go of all that is not loving and light. See all of the flaws and imperfections flowing down out of your visual fields, and sense all of them dissolving.

At first you might have to choose to focus only on what is uplifting and inspiring for you. Place your eyes on the beauty and perfection of the nature, for there is an unsurpassable richness and fullness of love in the snowflakes as well in the infinite sky and oceans. Become one with the creeks and valleys and with the smallest rock or with the majestic mountains. Listen to the flowers and the birds’ songs alike. Hear the innocent children and your pets’ giggles, and see their pure hearts. Do you see their beauty and colors? Can you truly sink into the stillness and the harmony that they all bring to thee? Of course you can, because this is where you are coming from.

When you do so, sit there for a while, ask for nothing, and allow yourselves to remember. Remember the feeling of being home, that knowing that you are here and there, the knowing and feeling that you are one with all. And at the same time that you are nothing at all.

You are everyone around you, here and over there. You can melt into one with all and feel every single atom’s life and eon’s history…and yet, none of that is you or who you are. You can detach and separate and be something new. You can be and create something completely different from what already exists.

Do you understand what I am saying to thee? Do you hear me singing into your ears, do you feel me placing into your hearts this knowing that you are here on Earth at this time of now, to create magic and a completely new world? Yes, I am walking with you. Yes, you are never alone for I am always with you, within your hearts, minds and bodies. I am with thee, walking in front, behind, and by your side, it matters not, for you can feel me being part of you.

I gave you permission long, long ago, eons ago, to play, to be in joy, to believe and to dream and to create new worlds, new universes, and new galaxies. Then why do you hesitate to start these new projects that are tugging on your hearts, being small or big or in between, it really matters not? Why are you still wondering how and where to start? Why do you ask for permission and approval?

It is the time, dearest sweet angels! Let’s proceed in joy and love. Let’s unleash that wonderful potential of your love and creative hearts, just as you have promised. You are doing it for your sweet selves, you are doing it for the entire human collective, you are doing it with me and for me and for the Father/One. And I am in eternal gratitude for you, and for all that you are.

Thank you my sweet Annas, thank you!

I will leave you now with my eternal love and peace! Farewell.

By Permission.

© 2018 Council of Love, Inc.


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