Archangel Uriel: I am with you on this journey of creation as the Inspired Self

You are ready to move forward and take that clay of raw energy, atoms and particles and transform them in miraculous ways….Channeled by Genoveva Coyle.

Greetings dearest ones! I am Uriel, Archangel of love and silver light, bringer of the future in this now, your brother and companion on this journey of creation as the inspired self.

It brings me great pleasure to travel with thee at this time, to come and commune with you and to hold my Silver Flame high up for you to see, so that you may recognize that which is holding you back from stepping into the fullness of that New You and the Creator self.

And you are ready, yes more than ready, to move forward, to take that clay of raw energy, the love atoms and particles, and to mold them into shape and transform them in miraculous ways according to your hearts’ desire as you have been dreaming for so long.

It is not a difficult process but it takes energy and peace of mind. It take laser focus and patience, and of course you know, it takes love and passion to pursue one’s unique yearning.

But before we start there are minor adjustments to eliminate, fears, hesitations, and full blown resistance to stepping fully into this New You that you are. In fact, it is not that you are not already there and have full access to the New You, because you are already…and anchored. But you keep on returning to the old self and moving along familiar paths that you are used to traveling along, paths that are able to take you only so far, basically, only to the dead ends of dense dimensionality.

There are different ways to avoid these traps while you are residing in this human form that it is constantly changing and adjusting to the high energies and love light flowing to the Earth. You need to let go of the mind’s unnecessary chatter, by immersing yourselves into your hearts, and then by floating with that high vibrational energy and allowing yourselves to truly listen, hear, see, feel, and sense with your entire being

Take your time here and sit for as long as you need, do not rush. Have patience dear brothers and sisters!

Go deeper and deeper into the nothingness and into the stillness of the void. Practice being here and let go of any expectations of how it should feel and what you should perceive, for each of you are experiencing stillness in so many different ways. Know that you are safe, and know that I am with you throughout this process.

Do this often throughout the day, as many times as you can manage, and then try to bring this stillness, this place of shifting into the highest vibration, this place of choice within you. Bring it with you wherever you are, and especially when you need to face some difficult situations, for this is where you can quickly shift into the new and intend to bring into the challenge only the highest vibration and love.

It takes only a split second to choose which answer you give to others, which type of communication will you allow to come forward. Yes, you have a choice! Your higher self and ego will always come up with solutions simultaneously, and it is not always clear to thee which one is which and, therefore, which one you should allow to respond.

Your ego takes you where it knows, to that old safe place, or to a pattern to which it is accustomed, and this is where you do not want to keep going or reverting to.

Your higher self speaks through your hearts. His/her voice is light and bright and brings only loving words and joy to you and to everyone involved. Your higher self brings smiles and easy to follow solutions – maybe too simple for what you are able to comprehend with your human mind that learned about hard work. But overall it brings acceptance and allows others to follow their own path without judging or criticizing. It brings only truth, having everyone bursting into laughter instead of engaging in debates by disagreeing and criticizing others.

Learn to sit and listen attentively. See when you are slowly slipping back into the old ways of being and quickly redirect your course. Smile and regain your balance and peace, knowing that you will not allow the old you to interfere any longer!

Endeavor to sit in this still place with me and let me show you how easy it is to choose to go only with the novel and light ways of love, sweetness and joy. This is the way we will proceed shortly, to bring in and shape love into every form that your hearts’ desire.

I will leave you now with spikes of silver light and my eternal love! Until next time! Farewell.

By Permission.

© 2018 Council of Love, Inc.

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