The Porlana C, and of course the Mother’s Tsunami and the Tsunami of One, have brought you to this place of what we would call ‘ignition’. Now you always have the choice to turn on the ignition and claim your self – your Ascended Self – or you can turn aside and say, “No, that isn’t happening.” It is the expansion of the truth of who you are.

Heavenly Blessings ~ January 11, 2018

Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love

Suzanne Maresca: Host, InLight Universal

[Halion meditation from 11:00 to 21:20 minutes]

[20:49 “Enjoy your visit this night {to the Mothership Neptune}, but enjoy your visit every day because the more you come, the more you project yourself and knock on that door, the clearer your presence, your understanding of your intergalactic self, becomes.” Linda Dillon]


Grener of Ashira of Neptune, President of the Intergalactic Council

Greetings! I am Grener of Ashira of Neptune.

And yes, Ashira has invited you this day, but I also come to welcome you on behalf of the Intergalactic Council, on behalf of the many councils that serve, and to welcome you to the fullness of yourself, to welcome you to the fullness of your interdimensional self, your interdimensional reality, which you are not only claiming and absorbing but literally inhabiting at this time.

Yes, Gaia herself and many of you have been present at the Intergalactic Council now for decades, but it is time for the conscious awareness, for the fullness of your participation not only to be known to us because that is already very clear, but to be known to you because, beloved ones, you are part and parcel, full participants, in the many unfoldments and decisions that are being made – not only with regards to the Ascension of humanity, but to the full participation in the unfoldment and the input not only of our presence upon your planet, but your participation in the unfoldment of Ascension throughout the galaxies.

So this awareness, and the fact that you are fully supported by about 12 galaxies, needs to come to the forefront that you realise it is not simply an odd ship here or there, it is not simply an odd galactic ship or force here or there – that you are present in full force with many galaxies that you are not even aware of – but that we wish during the course of this new beginning, during this course of you becoming the full ascended self, that you realise how much we rely, involve, invite each of you to come and to present yourself and to make your creations, your dreams, your plans known – not that we approve or disapprove, but that we participate, that we promote, that we help in many ways.

Our energy works in ways that you are not fully conversant of, and that does not matter, just as the Divine energies work in so many ways that you are not familiar of. It matters not. The fact that you are participating in the fullness of your consciousness – that is what is important.

So, on behalf of the entire Intergalactic Council to all Gaians everywhere, I say, “Welcome!”

We come in peace. We come in prosperity. We come in abundance. We come in love, because that is the only thing there is. There are so many manifestations of love. You have many words for them. You call them “Divine Qualities.” We call them “existence.” We call them “the formulation of our reality.” You call them “science.” So do we, in a much broader sense.

So I step aside for my son. But I want you to know that we are with you in the unified field of love, in the unified field of existence, in the new realm of existence – and we want our presence to be known.

Thank you and farewell.

Suzi: Thank you, Grener. And you are most welcome, and we are full of gratitude for your presence and your activities on our behalf.

Grener: Thank you.


Ashira of Neptune, Commander of the Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies

Ashira: I am Ashira.

Suzi: Welcome.

Ashira: And welcome to you. Welcome, my beloved friends and family. And yes, I come to you as Commander of the Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies.

What a spectacular title they have bestowed upon me and that I have worked diligently to achieve. This is not something that was bestowed upon me by patrimony, by hierarchical thinking. It was something that I worked and trained and prayed and evolved into.

But I do not simply come to you in that capacity. I come to you on behalf of the Unified Forces to also bring greetings of new beginnings, of new realm of existence – of New Year! We understand this construct of what you call “years, of the ebb and flow of seasons, of the ebb and flow of months, of hours, of days, of minutes…” It is a construct that is fluid and in many ways not real, but that has been inordinately useful for bringing people forward in this, what you think of as evolutionary process.

And as my beloved channel has said, we have points of reference as well, and in terms of what you would think of as thousands and thousands and thousands of years of our evolution, of our migrations, which are also but a momentary ‘blip’ in existence.

But I do not really come this day to talk about the constructs of time or the construct of physics, or quantum physics as you call it, or even metaphysics, all of which, again, are simply on a continuum.

And what you are really learning beyond quantum physics is metaphysics, is what you think of as the esoteric practices and yes, the bringing forth of the fullness of creator self, of the interdimensional self, which is what you have been yearning for. And the interdimensional self, which is the essence of who you are, is the self that is in the expanded reality of your heart consciousness. It is the activation, the implosion, the explosion, the awakening, however you think of this, of the truth of who you are.

And yes, it is a choice – your ascended self – to which most of you have said yes, because this night I speak to those of you who are of the lightholders/lovebearers’ community.

Yes, the vibratory rate, the increase in Porlana C which we have also turned up, penetrates the entire population of your planet. But those of you that are pillars and wayshowers and pathfinders, and awake and interdimensional/multidimensional beings – you are holding the pattern, the expanded pattern, yes, of your unique self, but also the pattern of a galactic or what you would think of as intergalactic self.

The Porlana C, and of course the Mother’s Tsunami and the Tsunami of One, have brought you to this place of what we would call ‘ignition’. Now you always have the choice to turn on the ignition and claim your self – your ascended self – or you can turn aside and say, “No, that isn’t happening.” It is the expansion of the truth of who you are.

We have not simply sent or been the ambassadors of so many energies to simply have you say, “Thank you very much, thank you very much, thank you very much.” We love to give you gifts and we have been doing so for decades, indeed millennia – certainly of expansion, of technology, of what you have thought of as science or quantum physics, astrophysics – but understand, this has not been an experiment simply in which we say, “We will gift them and gift them and gift them, and see how much energy they can hold.”

And it is not that we don’t love you, because we do. It’s the only reason we’re here.

But the entire purpose of our Divine Mother’s Plan is to bring you to the fullness of yes, is to bring you to the fullness of ignition, to bring you to the fullness of that awakening of, yes, The Great Awakening, and in that, for you to assume your birthright – the joy and expansiveness of who you are.

So often, the Mother or Mi-ka-el or Gabrielle have told you: “You are magnificent,” and you have said, “Well, thank you,” and then gone about your daily business. It is like, sweet angels, when someone has said to you, “Oh, you’re so pretty. Oh, you’re so beautiful. Oh, you’re so handsome,” and you have thought: “Well, thank you” and internally you’ve said, “Well, I’m not really that pretty,” or “They’re just being nice,” or “I wish I was prettier,” or “That’s not really true.”

And then you have ignored the compliment and gone about your daily business, not anchoring what that expression of awe and admiration, of honouring and love, was really about – that the person who may have been an angel or a galactic or a human looking at you saw the light, not just merely the physical beauty (your hair, your eyes, your smile) but that they acknowledged the divinity within you – and you’ve negated it. That time of negation is over.

So, when we say to you: “You are magnificent, that you are incredible, that you are beyond beautiful,” take it in because that is part of your ignition, that is part of your acceptance and surrender of who you are, and it allows you not only to be your interdimensional self but to create and operate as your multidimensional self.

How else do you think, consciously, that you can be with me onboard ship? And you can be in Syria? And you can be in Lebanon? And you can be in the White House? And you can be sitting in New Jersey or Port St. Lucie? It is by allowing this.

When I tell you that I worked and I earned and I accepted my expansion into this role of Commander of the Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies – the outer galaxies that are far, far away from you in what you would think of as almost a distant universe, of CeeCeeCee, of Zeres and Xeres, of all these distant places that you do not know of – it was because I came to accept not only that I was what you would think of as the son of Grener, the son of Queen Green, but that I had capacity to grow into what my heart desires.

And that when I knew of our travels intergalactically through the white holes and the black holes to travel to a distant place where the Dream of the Mother was coming to fruition, that I accepted what my potential was and yes, grew into it. And as I grew into it, then I became what I so desired and I could create … and I am not simply speaking of working with ships or manifesting out of thin air… I could create family and friendships and vision, that I could experience the magnitude of love.

And so, when I come to you this day as brother and ally, as one who holds you near and dear, that I share my family with, I come to say to you: “Accept your divinity. Accept the ignition that is taking place.”

Yes, you are the landing crew in so many ways because you are the transition team. You are not just the implementers, you are the transition. And that is why the Intergalactic Council and so many of the galactic forces, we are all here supporting you, both in obvious ways and in very subtle ways.

But it is time to claim your Ascension because it is time for humanity – as One – not in ways that are of separation. But there are always those who step forward first; not everybody crowds through the portal at once. That is why you have gatekeepers.

So, dearest Suzanne, where do you wish to begin?

Suzi: Oh, with a very sincere thank-you for coming. It’s always a joy to have these conversations with you and of course for everything that you do for us. I just can’t say that enough. Okay, so I would like to know if you are currently collaborating with the Alliance in the government, not only in the US but all over the world?

Ashira: There has been collaboration with all the alliances. That is, every member of the Alliance and other forces that you are not even aware of, including the Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies, are members of the Intergalactic Council. That is how it works. So the answer is yes.

Suzi: Okay, so working towards the obvious Ascension of the planet and the clean-up and all that sort of thing, can we look forward to different modes of travel? Like we really don’t want to leave the house at this particular point, but travelling in a plane just seems so, dare I say, quaint and archaic. Are we going to be enjoying different ways of travelling, like soon?

Ashira: Well, this is the infamous word ‘soon’, is it not! Now, let me tell you that there are many human beings, in the transition phase particularly, that love travelling on a plane. They think that it is part of the adventure. So it is not that we are absolutely saying to you or coming and laying down a new paradigm for travel.

There are those that continue to love to travel on horses as well! And, in fact, what we would suggest is that travelling on horses is far more spiritual [chuckles] than anything, because there is that interdimensional reality to when you are truly spiritually or physically travelling upon a horse.

Your interdimensional self – this is what Ascension is about. It is about the consciousness, the full awareness of what you are doing already. So if you are saying, “Can we be able to consciously bi-locate elsewhere?” that is part of what you are playing with, learning, experimenting with at the moment. The answer is yes.

Are there different modes of transportation that are being introduced to your planet? The answer is most certainly yes! Because, understand, Gaia herself is also very busy working with you, and there is a process where the pollution that has taken place on your beautiful planet… even though we spend a great deal of our energies transmuting what you think of as pollution, chemtrails… all of this silliness takes place.

In future times, and I do not mean distant future, it is necessary to eliminate ‘modes of materiality’ – so I am not just speaking about transportation – modes of materiality… think of the magnitude of what I am saying to you… modes of materiality that create what you have come to term ‘pollution’.

Now, even at that, at the same time you are most certainly working on, and we are most certainly working with you on, also the elimination of what we would call ‘mental/emotional/spiritual/causal pollution’ – and that is really the biggest culprit. And you have had some [chuckles] very dramatic examples of this type of pollution, because that is what the chaos that has come to the surface in the old realm is all about. And you are seeing it. You are really part of the clean-up crew, and so are we!

Suzi: Yes, I feel that. I kind of have a weird question. I was given a choice point not long ago about remaining in a body or going to a non-physical existence, and my immediate response was: “I haven’t gone through all this just to give up the joys of the physical.” Can you speak to the adjustments needed to our bodies in order to be able to house all of our aspects? I was told that I wouldn’t be able to go about my business while the alterations were taken.

Ashira: Well, it is not a complete understanding. But… yes, let us explain. Now many of you, particularly those of you who are, can we say, in the ‘forward thrust’ are being given this choice: stay in body or not. And one of the reasons that that choice point, what you have previously called ‘exit points’ are being brought to the forefront is that many of you have been saying to us – and saying to the Mother really; we are simply her emissaries – you have been saying, “I’m tired.”

Now, when we say that you would need ‘time out’ – and that time out is occurring for different ones of you in different ways – for some of you it will feel that you simply need to detach yourself from the physical world for a period of time. It may mean simply lying on your bed for a week or two, or giving yourself a virus so that you can have an excuse for a week or two. You may feel ill, you may feel the need to retreat. Many of you are having different ways of examining this.

Some of you are simply coming onboard ship and allowing the attunements to take place, so that this upgraded sense – and the anchoring of this deep sense of knowing – can be ‘speeded up’ in terms of your concept of time.

And that is what we also are thinking of and terming part of your ‘ignition process’. Some of you are calling it ‘heart opening’. The heart opening for those who have been in despair or disarray can feel like a rocket explosion. For some of you it is the glow of a sunrise, it matters not, but that is what is taking place. Your physical bodies are changing because of the amount of energy that you are holding.

Now also, for so many of you who have been on what you call ‘the lightworker path’ for a long time, you have said, “I’m bored.” Now that to us has always been amazing – how you could be bored [laughter] on Gaia! But you have said, “I am bored, I am sick of my body, I don’t want my body, I want to be free, I just want my lightbody.”

And now you are realising this precious, beautiful commodity that you call your ‘body’, that you in fact have endured, just as I have shared with you. I diligently trained and worked to become the being who I am in this moment. So have you!

And you are saying to the Mother, to Mi-ka-el, to Gabrielle, to Sanat Kumara and so many more: “Heck, I don’t want to lose my body at this point. I’ve worked too hard. I want to have the payoff!” And you deserve the payoff – and you are claiming what you think of as the payoff. You have many different ways of gambling, which is a curious thing upon your planet. If you won a lottery ticket, would you not go in and claim it? Well, you have won the lottery, dear hearts. Go claim it!

Suzi: [Laughing] Well, that sounds lovely! So the body, these bodies as they are, my daughter and I have been working for a couple of years now to take care of them and there’s just so much that we have to do to maintain them. Is that going to get any easier?

Ashira: It becomes easier, but it also becomes more rote. So let us talk about the maintenance of these beautiful vessels. And we have this conversation, particularly what you would think of as our ‘healing/creation teams’ onboard ship, with so many of you who come and attend the healing chambers during what you think of as your resting or healing periods at night. And the question is often exactly as you have framed it.

Now it is not true for all of you, but it is true for many of you that although you felt that you… hmm… gave due diligence to your physical forms, for many of you, beloveds, in the lightworker category, you really took your physical vessels for granted for a long time. And you say, “Yes, but I’ve been working at it for a year or two or ten,” and I would say to you: “What about the other ten or fifty years where you basically gave it orders and commands and hoped for the best?”

So what you have been doing is truly bringing it into a very strong maintenance programme. Think of your vehicles, those cars, those motorised vehicles, or even your planes that need to have gas and oil and electricity and many components to run adequately. Now, the greatest detriment to your physical bodies, whether you have been aware or conscious of it or not – and one of the reasons why we live thousands of years and you have not – is this, what we have mentioned is the spiritual/mental/emotional/causal corruption, pollution of your bodies, of the air you breathe.

And then there has been the material pollution of the air you breathe, of the food you eat. And yes, of course, for those of you that remember and use the Violet Flame, much of that has been transmuted, but the density of your entire environment has been very polluted.

Now, with the Porlana C, with the Mother’s Tsunami, much of that has been cleansed and is being cleansed – but do not forget, you are talking about billions of years of pollution. Yes, it could be removed in a millisecond, but then the lessons would not be learned or remembered. And, in fact, the impact of such a cleansing would, in all likelihood, simply result in the elimination of the particles of the planet and Gaia would return, ascend back to her archangelic self. So that has not been the Mother’s Plan.

As the externals and the weight of the externals are removed of that pollution, the maintenance of your body is going to become easier and easier because what you are doing, whether you are eating an apple, drinking water, regardless of what substance you are bringing into your body, it will be more light. The light quotient in terms of what is available to you is significantly changing. And then, of course, all of you are learning also to eat light, to breathe light, to bring in with all the flames that have been gifted to you. So that is shifting as well.

So that is a long answer to a very short question! Will the care and maintenance of your physical forms become easier? The answer is yes because also – and I know I go on, but this is a very important question because we want you to maintain your physical forms; that is the Mother’s Plan – your multidimensional reality, your ability to transform and transmit and travel interdimensionally… when I say “interdimensionally”, I mean also on and off-planet; I mean to be able to be in the dimension of beauty or the dimension of ideation and still be anchored in physical form… that also depends on strong, vibrant bodies that are filled with light.

Suzi: Yeah, right, right. I get that. I feel certain. This all started for us with some very intense intestinal pain, two weeks apart, that sent us on the journey of really taking care of our bodies. And I’m so grateful for it because without that motivation, I’m not sure that we would have done it.

Ashira: It is part of the old paradigm which is fading – to which we thank the Goddess – that there has been a human pattern that you pay attention when you experience pain. When you feel or experience disfunction is when we get your attention, and so [chuckles] that is also a pattern that we wish to see come to conclusion!

We do not know sickness the way you do. When we feel exhausted, yes, even as Commander of all the Forces, I take a break, I replenish. It was never intended that you work yourself to the bone. Play yourself until you are exhausted, yes! Enjoy yourself in the hilarity of laughing until your sides hurt and your cheeks ache, yes! But never working yourself to the bone.

Suzi: No. And I have to say that healthy, good, organic food is expensive. It’s true, you don’t have to have money to exercise, but there are certain forms of exercise that are really good for the body. So basically, I think we could become a lot more healthy and focused on our bodies if we had more resources.

Ashira: Then I would suggest, sweet one, that you begin to create. That is where you are going, each and every one of you. And yes, it is intended to be fun. It is not intended to be arbitrary or difficult. The other thing is what you think of as organic food will be the ‘new normal’. You were never intended to eat poison or garbage.

Suzi: Right, right, right. Good news. All good news and so much to look forward to!

Ashira: It is a year of new beginnings, quite literally! And please remember – we are here working with you, on and off-planet. Come visit!

Suzi: Thank you.

Ashira: Go with my love. Farewell.


Channeled by Linda Dillon