An incredibly thought provoking article by Micki Mercurio. How are you chosing to create?

Conscious or Unconscious Creation? That is the Question

Wow, what an incredibly amazing time to be alive upon Gaia! Here we are still in the early weeks of 2018, the year of New Beginning – a time ripe with the potential of creation…

…and therefore, a period during which the choice as to where we place our focus and attention becomes paramount.

Yes, there is the mounting and undeniable evidence of the long-awaited breaking of the stranglehold of the “powers-that-were” practically screaming at us from every alternate news outlet. Indeed, the onset of “the public accountability phase” is even starting to show up in the mainstream media.

Is this undeniably compelling? Yes. Is it delivering affirmation and a sense of vindication to the many who have long kept the faith, working tirelessly on behalf of the light, awaiting the time when the dominoes would visibly begin to fall? Yes, it certainly seems to be.

But I wonder about all this rapt attention being lavished upon the “accountability phase.” Can we step back for a moment to honestly assess whether we’re maintaining balance as neutral observers or, instead, becoming engaged in what we see?

How much of what we’re placing our attention upon feels to be of love, and how much feels more like dramatic distraction accompanied by varying degrees of judgment? How does this assist us in creating the new, in building Nova Earth? Is this how we fulfill our mandate as Nova Being during this time of ascension?

Now that we have finally reached this point of New Beginning, is there truly a higher-dimensional reason for any of us, other than those directly involved, to be choosing to keep our gaze trained upon the dismantling of the old, to follow its twists and turns, to decipher the latest “trail of breadcrumbs?” Now that we have come to such a defining fork in the road, will we choose to claim the fullness of our ascended selves, or to take a scenic detour of distraction?

As Gaians incarnate at this moment in the history of our beloved planet, we are standing upon the threshold of a Dream – our dream, Gaia’s dream, the Divine Mother’s Dream. The journey here has been painfully long and terribly arduous, but we’ve stayed the course through to completion, to fulfillment, and now to our new beginning in the midst of ascension, as co-creators of this cherished Dream. Did we come all this way to allow our focus to be co-opted during this amazing period of creative potential, in which it is more imperative than ever that we shift our gaze forward upon the new earth we wish to create rather than looking backward over our shoulder upon the collapse of the old?

Is this really what we want to be doing during such a momentous and potently alchemical period of manifestation? Have we come this far only to allow our focus at the launching of this creation phase to be hijacked by the accountability phase?

We Lightworkers/Loveholders have long realized that what we place our attention on we create more of. In fact, it’s been a fundamental part of our effectiveness, this ability to stay focused upon our vision of a peaceful world ruled by love. And it has been in large part due to our steadfast participation in this focused manner that we, as Lightworkers and Loveholders, have been collectively fulfilling the essential role of the boots-on-the-ground anchors of this higher vision – yes, even when it seemed against all odds.

And in tandem, the countless upgrades, downloads and activations have been leaving their mark upon our evolutionary ascension process as well as our creative capacity. And due to the growing potential inherent within each of us as creator beings, our many friends in the higher realms have been preparing us for the heightened abilities that would begin to “come on-line” as we gained greater access to our multidimensionality. Remember how they’ve been advising us that, as our manifestation abilities heighten due to the increased influx of higher energies, there would be a need for us to exercise more discipline regarding where we choose to apply our focus? That the lag time between thought, vibrational resonance and creation would shorten? That the power of our focused attention would begin to more easily and rapidly yield results?

There has, perhaps, never been a more  important time to refine our discernment, to be utilizing the litmus test of “is this, which I am choosing to pay attention to and therefore to feed, truly of love?” For, consciously or not, we are working here with the Universal Laws of Intent and of Attraction and Repulsion. What is it our intention to create, attract, repel?

Now that the rubber is meeting the road of this wondrous New Beginning we have been promised, are we focusing forward into the creation of that world we’ve so long desired, of the dream we came here to fulfill? Or are we rubbernecking, caught up in watching the train wreck, distracted by the prolific commentary of alternative journalists? Are we being sucked into the drama, enticed without realizing it into a new version of that tired “us and them” game the old paradigm popularized as an effective divide and conquer tactic? Are we, in fact, sustaining the old by inadvertently offering it life support via our precious life-force – the very energy that could be utilized to create our long-dreamed of “world that works for everyone?”

The Lightworker/Loveholder community is being asked to take a step back, observe ourselves and consider: Is this how we work with and embody the light that we are? Is this how we hold and transmit our love?

And ultimately, will we choose to be conscious co-creators of Nova Earth, in fulfillment of our dream within the Divine Dream – or to unconsciously (and perhaps carelessly) create by default?

Conscious or unconscious creation? That is the question.