Archangel Uriel: You have the knowing and wisdom to bring resolution and happiness into every situation

You are being asked now to fearlessly open up all of your senses, all of your insight and perception, and to allow your heart to stay open. Channeled by Genoveva Coyle.

Greetings dearest ones! I am Uriel, archangel of love and silver light, bringer of the future in this now moment, archangel of the truth, in charge of anchoring divine authority in each and every one of you.

I am your beloved family and closest friend. I am your older brother holding your hand in love and guiding your steps through these turbulent and chaotic negative energies, through this maze, and out of the old third and fourth dimensions. I am holding my gentle silver light up on high for you to see in the same manner that you are lovingly guiding the ones that are following your light closely.

It is the love that you hold and share freely with all that attracts everyone to thee. It is the size of your heart and your willingness to see and hear the truth and the real message, as others come to you asking or crying for help, even though they might not be aware that they were doing that.

And you heard the Mother, you also heard us telling thee that you need to listen with your heart, that you need to open all of your senses to hear and understand what it is that is being conveyed to you. And that it is not because humans do not know how to communicate clearly or that they like to complicate matters, but because most of the time the ones directed by their own soul to come to thee for assistance might not be completely aware of what it is that is causing their discontent and unhappiness.

They look outside themselves, they project and blame others and circumstances, thus causing upsets and turmoil in their lives, and then come to you and ask you to assist them by advising them, or by performing miracles on their behalf.

And this is why you are required to listen and hear them through your open hearts, and yes, all of you here are more than capable of doing so, if you are willing. But, and there is hesitation in here, for most of you have dimmed and unfortunately even closed off some of the senses that are bringing the fullness of the truth to you, along with all the details that you need to assess certain situations.

You have done this on purpose because it was too painful for you to see the truth and then not to be able to fix the problems in what you felt was a fair and loving manner. You have spent many lifetimes fighting wars with inadequate and limited tools, exposing lies and illusions only to get hurt in the end because the false constructs and energies of deceit were too thick and dense.

You are being asked now to fearlessly open up all of your senses, all of your insight and perception, to allow your heart to stay open and see through the layers and fears of falsehood!

Use the Silver Flame to reassure thee and to let go of any fears that block your vision. Do not turn your face away, do not minimize or sugar coat that which is being revealed to thee, because now you have all the knowing and wisdom to bring resolution and happiness into every situation regardless of the complexity and intricacy of the details.

You have the strength and determination of the archangels and ascended masters. You have the love of the Mother and Father flowing through your hearts and veins to you, their children. There is nothing more you need to do, dearest ones, but to really listen and connect, and then to be that unconditional and pure love that a mother has for her children; that love that nurtures, heals, changes and uplifts everyone and everything.

All else that it is not of the love will dissolve and dissipate into the brilliant light that you hold.

I will leave you now with sparkles of silver truth and light! Farewell angels of light and love! Farewell!

By Permission.

© 2018 Council of Love, Inc.

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