Archangel Mi-ka-el: We have traveled together many times anchoring peace and light

But this current one is by far one of the most exciting and rewarding mission we have ever engaged in. Channeled by Genoveva Coyle.

Greetings my dearest and precious ones! I am Mi-ka-el, Archangel of love and truth, warrior of the peace, your protector, brother and best friend here in this journey adventure that we are undertaking together in this now, and for eternity. Yes, dearest ones, for we have traveled together many times and we have had wonderful adventures anchoring the peace and light in many universes and galaxies, but this current one is by far one of the most exciting and rewarding mission we have ever engaged in.

It is wonderful to see our progress, but really it is your achievements because without your cooperation, we, your brothers and sisters in the higher realm, would not be able to advance and move forward with the Mother’s Plan for this beautiful planet Earth.

We nudge, we bring you signs and messages, we play and pray with thee, but we cannot override your free will, for that would be to work against the Universal Laws.

You have to be willing to move forward, you have to be in agreement to follow your divine plan, you have to let go of expectations and resistance, and you have to be in complete trust that we are with you at all times ready to assist thee, but you also need to take action and step forward when needed.

Yes, there are times when we protect you from that which you have attracted to yourselves, as per Universal Law, with your worries and doubts, even if they were not as strong as the ones you had in the past. But the fact that things are not moving as smoothly and as gracefully in your reality is one of the clues indicating that you have to actively engage in removing the lies and the old traps of the third dimensionality.

Dear ones, the more awakened and aware you are, the more you expand in your energy holding capacity, the faster you can manifest thoughts into form, good or bad. So you have to become aware in every moment of what is crossing your mind and when latching onto some dusty remnant of the core issues, then you must actively and immediately release it from your field.

What we see in the lightworker communities is that all of you are cleansing and purifying old memories and core issues of lack and limitations, and constantly bringing more and more energy into your fields. Your hearts are wide open and your love is seen and felt from afar throughout the universes.

You are focusing more on sending out love and helping others, and when old faint kinds of issues come into your awareness you do not take the time to let them go consciously, because you feel that they have no power over you any longer. But with the enormous power and energy you hold in your field you can manifest, quite quickly, even the smallest negative thought that remains unattended, being seen as harmless.

When things go the wrong way in your reality, and you find yourselves again depleted and in lack – love, health, or money – you become confused and even baffled. In the end you tend to believe that your clearing efforts are not effective or even worse, that there [is] some other opposing force causing this situation or the worst of all is that being a light worker or love holder means, i.e. you need to remain in humble poverty, limitation and without material abundance.

Well, the Mother’s Plan was never that you have to be without and suffering in lack and limitation. Everyone living on Earth should have more than they need in every moment, so that they can allow prosperity to flow through them and share it with everyone else in need, until they too will find that the source of abundance is within their hearts and has always been there.

Make the commitment to let go of any remnants of disempowering thoughts, and do not stop until every single particle of the final debris has been cleared and transmuted. Ask me and the mirror of the truth I have given you a while ago, to confirm this truth, thus making sure that your energetic field is purified constantly, so there is nothing of low density that is being attracted to thee and taking you by surprise.

You have been recently upgraded, and your physical vessel is giving you more and more clues and information pertaining to what is happening with you and with the ones coming to you. Endeavor to listen and remember the language of love that you once knew so well. Do not allow the old learning and programming to dissuade you from listening, or to misinterpret that which is being revealed to thee.

Allow only the highest thoughts of love, abundance and blessing towards everyone, and mostly towards yourselves, to sit with thee so that you will manifest only the highest and greatest good of everything!

You are powerful creators dearest ones! Let’s bring into manifestation only love, harmony and peace. It is the time! Your time has already begun!

I will leave you now with my infinite love and protection! Farewell.

By Permission.

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