Archangel Gabrielle: Let the fun begin!

You do remember now how fun and soul fulfilling this great adventure is? Channeled by Genoveva Coyle.

Greetings my dearest ones! I am Suzanna Michaela Gabrielle, Archangel and lily of love, trumpet of the truth, messenger of the One, in service to the Mother and to all of you here in this forum and beyond.

It gives me great pleasure to come here today, to fill you with joy and celebrate this shift into a new beginning, this brave stepping forward into a new world, a world of magic, and a world with a wonderful creative potential.

Take a deep breath of gold, of my golden loving energy, fill your hearts with bubbles of joy, excitement and anticipation, for this is what you and we have been waiting and working towards for eons. It is indeed that time and this is only the beginning!

This is the fun and exhilarating part of your journey, this is where gifts, surprises and abundance of all sorts will be flowing your way, to you and through you.

The great part is that you are the ones giving the gifts, and at the same time you are the gifts and the surprises that you are to be sharing with the entire world.

Yes, as much as we love and cherish you, as much as we would love to shower thee with presents and show you our appreciation for your work and determination to fulfill the Mother’s Dream, this part of your journey is neither about rewards and compensation for your efforts nor for the skills you brought forward.

This is about you continuing to work on as an indwelling spirit, in collaboration with us of course. However, it will be mostly you, the masters, angels, and archangels physically embodied creating and bringing into form each and every single desire of your heart, and shaping and molding them with your unique and special soul signature. This is you bringing into form Nova Earth and following your purpose and your heart’s calling. This is you stepping into the freedom of expressing your talents and heart’s song without interferences or blockages of any type.

And it is extremely exciting to see you tapping into that universal wisdom and into the knowing of your hearts, and then to see you at work to create only beauty, love and goodness for all, since there is nothing less than that that you would allow yourselves to manifest.

And you are saying to me that you are not quite sure of what you want to bring in, you are saying to me that you do want peace and love, that you want to see joy, smiles and laughter, that you want to create loving community and happiness, but you do not know how.

And here I will have to remind you of how you have created your homes and loving sanctuaries, starting with those desires which bubbled up in your hearts and minds. You nurtured the ideas, you planted and watered the seeds and the fragile roots… you loved the houses that you built from scratch, one room at a time, or the ones you attracted to thee and then bought entire buildings according to your plans, and then you changed and transformed every spot and tiny space in them with your creative love and vision. You painted the walls and added your light, ray colors, and energies. You furnished and decorated them accordingly with memories from lifetimes of glory and abundance, and you added enchanting landscaping and peaceful outdoor lighting. And then you called in your friends and family to enjoy your new creations with thee and to share a good time. You conceived and gave life to your homes and generated more love to impart and share with your loved ones.

You do remember now how fun and soul fulfilling this great adventure is!

Congratulations bright angels! Let the fun begin!

I will leave you now with my golden bubbles of joy and with my loving embrace! Farewell!

By Permission.

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