Universal Mother Mary: You are forging the new paths of light…

You are paving, reinforcing and solidifying highways of light and love not only into the future, but also into the past, and into the deepest darkness…Channeled by Genoveva Coyle.

Greetings my sweet Annas! I am Mare’, I am Universal Mother Mary, I am Mother of Hope and Transformation, Mother of you my wonderful children, and Mother of All.

I am here with thee today as always, for I never leave you. I am here to enfold you in my love and to hold you in my heart, to have you see how proud I am of you in this moment, for you have exceeded all expectations. No, not mine dearest hearts, not mine, because I know who you are, I know who I have given birth to eons ago, I know how loving and courageous you are, I know the God-given will you possess, I know the perfection and strength of your Spirit.

But you have broken many limitations and surpassed every milestones in the Divine Plans that you have drafted for your selves. You see, you do have various plans within my Plan, and you have been extremely cautious with how fast and how deep you would want to proceed in this lifetime. And that is because you have had all these previous lifetimes during which you were engulfed in the illusion and its thick veils while you were seemingly separated from my love and heart, knowing that there were many distractions that could deter and delay you, and that there would be much chaos and turmoil that you would need to withstand and rise above.

You have also been cautious, because you had planned to bring along with you your close family and friends, while you still needed to be in the world and take care of your life and existence in a worldly way. You knew that even if you would be greatly assisted from all levels, you would still need to maintain a constant and high vibration so that you could rise above any interferences of the ego and above any negative thoughts of others and self, in order that you could have clarity of insight, the ability to discern what is the truth, and to know what is the best next loving step to take.

My dearest and bravest children, and you sweet Annas!…you are forging the new paths of light, so let me say it loud and clear, you are breaking ground not only of the little trails and paths you are paving, reinforcing and solidifying highways of light and love not only into the future, but also into the past, and into the deepest darkness. And you are clearing the way and bringing hope into places of the world where the light was lost almost completely, and into those distant spots of the Earth where souls were in deep despair and desolation, not daring to believe that there would ever be a way for them to come home. You are bringing everyone gracefully and with great humility into this now of love and peace. Does this not give you new and deeper understanding of yourselves as trailblazers and pathfinders? As light holders? As beacons of love?

Does this look like a little task to you? It certainly doesn’t look small to the ones that felt trapped down for thousands and thousands of years feeling that they are completely forgotten.

And it means the world to me to finally be able to embrace my poor children that have traveled so far and low into the wilderness, and then had forgotten the way back home. And while bringing them home into my heart, and into your own loving hearts, you are dismantling the ugliest and the deepest foundations of the disempowering false grids, and of the matrix that was holding humanity in the smallness of survival mode for so long.

I thank you, my brave warriors of love! And I thank you for taking my love, my heart song, and my longing to those lost souls. I thank you for bringing beauty and purity to this process of cleansing and for purifying the old third dimensional reality. I appreciate the joy and peace you bring to all while rescuing them lovingly, and while opening your hearts and beaming our unconditional love to everyone without exception.

You are vast and magnificent, you are beauty and sparkling light, you are everywhere, wondrous and courageous sons and daughters of mine.

You can go and spread my love, yours and mine as one, in every single way you want, it really matters not to me as long as it is in a way that your beautiful heart desires, and that fills you with joy and happiness. Be gentle and loving to your selves, rest and refill often, and remember to ask for the assistance and support that is always available to you.

I will leave you now with my infinite love and peace, though I never ever leave you alone, for I am anchored eternally into your heart!


By Permission.

© 2017 Council of Love, Inc.


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