Jesus Sananda: Truth lies in everyone’s heart but is hidden by illusions and lies

Every single soul wants to find their own way to freedom and sovereignty in their own unique way…Channeled by Genoveva Coyle

Greetings my dearest family! I am Jesus Sananda, I am your brother and friend, I am your teacher and yes, I am your close family and I am with thee always. Whether you call on me or not, I am with you by your side because you are that precious to me and you are so cherished and close to me and to my heart.

Do not ever question this truth dear brothers and sisters of my soul because all that I can see and feel is your willingness and determination to continue my work, to bring and anchor pure love and truth on this beautiful planet Earth and in the hearts of all of humanity.

It gives me great pleasure to see you moving further and further along in this brave endeavor of removing the veils and in assisting so many with their awakening. You see, this lifetime we have planned it a tad differently than the way I did two thousand years ago when I felt great disappointment due to that lack of openness and the inability of human hearts to receive my love and the absolute truth. Preaching and asking many to understand and believe that which is so difficult to comprehend with the human brain, that truth that lies in everyone’s heart but which is deeply hidden underneath multiple layers of illusions and lies. That truth can more easily be remembered rather than learned  from books and from the mouths of other beings, many of them as wise and aware as I was.

As you know and have sensed already, no one wants to be told what to do and what to believe. Every single soul wants to find their own way to freedom and sovereignty in their own unique way, and this is indeed the way it should be.

When you are being asked to assist someone, when you want to develop rules and ways of working with the newly awakened souls, what you are really being asked to do is to give them hope and loving support.

What everyone needs to hear you say is that they too have the ability to find their singular way into the light because they also have everything that is required to succeed, just as you have. You are only showing them that it is possible to find their own source of freedom, and at the same time you are assuring them that there are many that have succeeded already.

While sharing your personal stories of how you have overcome the limitations of your own core issues and of your  ego, you are giving support without necessarily prescribing a regimen of rules to be followed for the newly awakened ones.

This is not an easy task for you because you have the tendency to want to take away their difficulties, to try to minimize the challenges and to remove the blockages in the paths of others because you do not want to see them in any kind of distress.

Dearest hearts, holding a loving and encouraging space of love and light is all that you are required to do for anyone out there, while of course you are still navigating through you own expansion process. When you give too much to others — answers, solutions to their dilemmas, money, in other words too much of your energy — what you are doing is stalling your own progress into becoming the wonderful and magnificent being that you are.

You do understand that there are millions who are following in your footsteps, and so they too will have to take a longer break than needed. Therefore, what you do in every single moment is important to the entire fulfillment of the Mother’s Dream. Please allow everyone to follow their own divine plan, because each and every one has been created by the Mother/Father/One in that perfect image of the Source with every single creative and powerful skill to succeed, just as you have.

Hold each other with the utmost love and respect for your own special abilities. Support each other lovingly just as we all do, gather in communities, sit and commune with us your brothers and sisters in the higher realms, but strive to find and follow always your unique plan and inner guidance.

I am with thee and I am walking with you every step of the way.

Go in peace and go with my love!  Farewell.

By Permission.

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