Archangel Raphael: Proceed in trust, in joy, and in love for the next steps…

The world never needed you more than in this now! Channeled by Genoveva Coyle.

Greetings my dear ones! I am Raphael, Archangel of Love, Holder of the Emerald Green Flame, your close friend and family, your preferred personal physician, and yes, physician of the soul and bodies, Healer of this Universe and beyond.

I am here to speak to thee about love, as we always do, don’t we?

I am here to fill you with my emerald green, with that sparkling pure and sweet love that changes and transmutes everything. I am here to encourage thee to use that newly activated free will that I have recently bestowed on you. Use it to the fullest dearest ones, just the way it was originally intended by the Mother!

Yes, you know that in the past you and all of humanity were convinced that you had one hundred percent free will, but you now understand that this was not the case. You know that you had merely a third of what was originally intended, because you, as well as the rest of humanity, were not in a position to think and move as freely as you had intended and had worked hard towards doing. You have been kept in a stunted growth even as an adult, being in a profound disempowering state so that you had no choice but to sit within these tight and constrained limitations in survival mode.

When some of you attempted to go against the system and move and explore outside the box, the self-sabotage caused by your core issues, the false grid system, and everyone’s eager intervention to bring you back into the ‘normal’ and neutral position of the herd, then those attempts became battles that you and others lost almost daily.

But now you have removed your core issues and so you can see and better discern what your options are. Now, with your new expansion, with more clarity and the beautiful vision of the Nova Earth, you can proceed in trust and in joy for the next steps. There are less and less distractions that keep you from hearing that loving and encouraging inner voice of your soul. There is more energy available for you to engage in all these activities and hobbies that you had hoped you would be able to pursue.

Of course there are still interferences and clever attempts to persuade you to take the old fashioned, and often painful and bumpy road that you and many others have traveled, so that you end painfully in the same or similar dead end situation of futility and powerlessness. But now you do know how to say “no” to that path. Now you know that these are just some final engagements with and testing of the old ways before they fade away for good from your consciousness.

Now you are gladly and eagerly choosing only the higher vibrational options that are opening to thee, because there is no other way you would want to live your life.

But what we are observing, dearest hearts, is that you are still caught in inaction, you are still waiting, just as if you are expecting someone to open the doors wider, or are not even sure if you can effectively move through the doors and beyond. You behave as though you are paralyzed, even though your legs are strong and your arms are angelic wings.

I am here, dearest hearts, to assure you that you can allow yourselves to dream, that you can let your hearts and minds flow freely to plan everything and anything you desire. You can afford to choose anything and take on as huge a project as you want. You can dare to dream as big as you want, because indeed you are unstoppable, you are heading for the greatest and most magnificent aspect of your loving spirit.

There is nothing that can stop you, my dearest hearts, there is no one out there that can undermine the loving power that you have unleashed.

Remember that you are assisted greatly from the higher realm and from your brothers and sisters in form and in the unseen. Remember that your only deterrent is your hesitation and doubt in your creative skills, and also in your capacity to move mountains and to heal millions, and therefore to build heavens and paradises with the love that you are.

Proceed in trust dearest warriors of the peace, proceed in love my team of healers of the hearts! The world never needed you more than in this now! Know that I am with you always, by your side, know that I will always fill your hearts to the brim with my soothing elixir of emerald green.

Until next time, farewell.

By Permission.

© 2017 Council of Love, Inc.

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