This is a time when the energies of the portal of the original 12:12 (Dec. 12,1993) opening intensify. Today Archangel Gabrielle has asked me to re-post her messages regarding the magnitude of this portal during this time of completion. It is amazing how her messages of 1993 apply to what is occurring right here, right now. Read, discern, do the meditation and enjoy! xxxx Linda

The Twelfth Octave

Greetings from the Council of Love, Susanna Michaela Gabrielle writes this new time of glad tidings and great joy. Know that the new octave is upon thee – the times that shall come to be coined as 12:12 – the sacred number of the circle, the sacred number of completion – mirrors of time, space, matter, and anti-matter. This is the time of alignment with thy Light bodies. The time of ascension. The time of complete and total commitment to action.

You have passed through the preparations of 11:11, the doorway to completion, the doorway to opportunity. The stairway to the stars has been opened. Now you must decide whether to proceed on thy sacred mission to accompany Earth through her transition to the seventh dimension or return home.

With the arrival of January 12, 1993, comes the arrival of the twelfth octave. This is a time of golden love mirrored by silver surrender, purple awakenings coupled with lavender rememberings, blue hope coupled with violet works.

It is the time of the total collapse of the duality of the third dimension, the previous home dimension of Earth, into the Unity of Oneness. The death of illusion is upon thee so prepare to relinquish all illusion, self-aggrandizement, and ego. Prepare to live in joy and completeness, in accordance with the Divine Unfoldment.

The 12:12 octave shall be in place for approximately twenty-four of what you currently call earth years. With the shifting and the expansion of your understandings of time and space, this number will lose meaning but we give this to you as a reference point. There will be different phases during the octave but the key to this age is joy.

Joy is the natural state of all beings when they love, know they are loved, and become Love. As this sacred mother planet becomes who she truly is, aligns with her Light Body and sacred mission of Love, all upon her shall benefit. All upon the Earth now begin to fully comprehend their collective and soul mission(s) and align with the transition.

Those who choose not to align will soon cease to create chaos and simply return to this side. This is in no way to be viewed as anything other than an alternate opportunity, selected long ago.

Many, many masters now walk among you: master teachers, healers, messengers, and travelers from afar. Many arrive upon the planet each and every day. Pay attention to what you see and hear. Become the observer. Understand that your neighbor or friend may be thy best source, aside from the mirror.

Seek out the humble for they know the Truth and it makes all humble. Seek out the poor for they will enrich your spirit. Seek out the dis-spirited and show them the way.

Do not sit and await the Unfoldment. Go, act and complete the Unfoldment. Many times we have told thee, “Offers of love and service without action are meaningless.” Now is the time. Raise your shields, open your hearts, shine from within and go forth.

How to begin? It is essential for all of you who currently inhabit a third-dimensional body to examine your truest, deepest, inner longings and decide how you wish to proceed. Delve within. Sit within they heart center and discern whether you wish to be part of the First Wave which returns homeward to the stars; or part of the band of builders of the reality of Earth; or part of the retinue who assist Earth in her transition from this side.

When you feel and know your heart’s desire, consciously align thyself with this purpose.  You will find immediately following January 12 that opportunities in perfect alignment with this soul decision shall present themselves. Trust your inner knowing and seize these opportunities.  They will act as catalysts to move you to your next step.

Do not overlook the obvious and consider no offer too far-fetched. Simply evaluated it in terms of your soul decision and proceed. In trust, there can be no error. Remember, when in doubt think White!

It is also important during this early phase of 12:12 to cleans thy bodies, to enable them to quite literally expand, hold higher energies, and assume their true form. Rid yourself of damaging physical habits, emotional baggage, mental debris, and astral limitations.

Do what you need to Lighten up! Listen again to your inner guidance and you will instantly know what regime is personally right.

This exercise must be completed well before the radical changes in the coming years. This will also enable you to sustain your balance during the emotional turbulence of the next several years.

We the Council of Love tell you that much information will be shared with you in the coming months on this new time of joy. But for now, we tell thee to listen – the choirs of angels sing, the Star people send healing attunement, and the Universe hums.

Go in peace.

Another 12:12 Update

Greeting, I am Suzanna Michaela Gabrielle. Welcome children of the light and those who surround you for there is a multitude present today. There is a need for many of you to begin the preparation for the times of completion, beginning with the final phase of the time of plenty. As we have indicated previously the time of plenty has been indeed plenty of turmoil, joy, thanksgiving, abundance, and everything and you are really all quite fed up with this concept. But know that there is also a need for plenty of preparation.

There are many who will be using this last period in order to decide finally whether to stay or go. Many of the souls which have already committed self-sacrifice in order that this planet maintains, retains and obtains balance which is so necessary for her own ascension will have a final choice once again whether to return again to assist in the final preparations or not. Know that when you are working in meditation, and as a circle, that you are working not only with those human beings who have inhabited a physical form but also those who have returned to this side. You work with both the seen and unseen.

In the time of completion, it would be what you would think of as a euphoric time for much of the work which you have attended to for many, many eons will come to fruition.  But there is preparation as there would be for any gala affair, especially one which will last as long. There would be wisdom in the gathering of the circle for there will be a ceremony that will be given to you and that there will be a heightened consciousness also at that time. This will not be a lavish affair in terms of numbers, only in terms of love, but it will be a richness beyond belief. During that time you would do well to return to the sacred centers (Cities of Light) and secure once again those places that you have already committed to. There are new areas which also require securing during this period and you would do well, as you are already together as a circle, to complete the several locations at that time for there will be little chance thereafter.

Know that the time of 12:12 and the period is known as completion will mark the end of a long cycle that has begun eons ago for this planet. Know that the time of 12:12 is filled with significant times and events. The passage through different periods is most significant but also is the daily process. Do not forget that during the time of plenty, that while there is plenty of turmoil and plenty of sadness and plenty of cleansing, that there is room and there is a requirement for plenty of joy and plenty of love and plenty of play.  This is what we wish you to accomplish in the upcoming 12:12. It is a time when you can gather together, yes, to complete tasks, but also simply to enjoy the serenity and the peace of knowing you are with loved ones. This has been a lonely time for many of you have felt stranded and abandoned, and this is why we also tell you to return to your heart centers.

Now the ceremony that you will have for those present and non-present on the occasion of 12:12 (and when we say this we meant it by the leading up to 12:12). You will begin this meditation at noon, whatever time zone you are in, and you will continue until well after.  You would do well to lie down for the energy will be strong enough to knock you off of your feet. Therefore you would do well to resume a comfortable position in which you can allow energy to flow more clearly. If you have assumed a sitting position, we would highly recommend that you have something supporting your back for again the energy flow will be more than you have normally felt.

You will begin this exercise by allowing the white light of the love and oneness to cover you externally and penetrate through your skin internally. Then you will allow the spiral of golden light to descend from the earth and from the mother and enter both charkas, root, and crown, and meet together in spiral motion in your heart. When you feel entirely filled with light, you will feel a dropping away of your twelve gates. This also has to do with the reconstruction of your DNA. This will be an opportunity for many of you to begin, continue and complete the fulfillment of these new strands. Think of these DNA strands as luminous fibers that will extend from every part of you but particularly through your twelve gates. Think of your gates as being your 12 charkas and your five-pointed star. See the spiraling out and in from extensions of you into the universe.

Picture yourself at one of the many gates for there are also twelve of these located on your planet of Earth that will be interdimensional. If you are not aware of these you would do well to picture a joining of the circle at the master table in the land that you have now called Egypt but who many of you have always known as Alessandria.

You will see that you will walk through the doors once more much as you have done for the ceremonies of 11:11. We tell you to pay attention to your guardians of the doors for they also are old and dear friends and you will recognize them as such. When you are within the temple you will go directly to the table and in a circle, you shall form a union that will ascend you all at the same time. Simply see self as exiting from your crown in a spiral motion, joining the oneness.

This will be your ceremony. You will not have the need to re-anchor that day. You will slowly re-enter, but it will never be at the same level. It will be a powerful upping of all energies, not only for the individuals involved but for all planetary influences.

Know that there are many effects that this movement will have, it is not simply for those folks who are on earth or for this singular planet. For when one has movement within, know that there is movement without. There are cause and effect throughout the entire universe. There are many, many, many universes and the ripple effect will be felt in the most distant galaxies. Know that this is an important aspect for each of you to undertake with purity and openness of heart. Also, know that the connection to each other will be stronger as you join as one in this exercise of leaping forward in consciousness.

The second year of plenty will be very different from the first. The gates will be opened more fully and this will make dealing particularly with the erratic energies more simple.

This channel has requested information on this swinging of moods and knows that this is partially the erratic energy which sends most of you insane. But know that there has been a purpose to feeling the highs and lows for there has also been a purpose in knowing that they still have existence for most of those who inhabit this planet. When you have exited through 12:12 you will remember what it felt like when you were stuck in the lows and will have pity for those who have chosen not to proceed. When we say pity we do not mean that you will become involved or lower your vibration for those who have chosen not to go forward at this time. It simply means that there will be an understanding of what it is they experience.

There is much work to be done in a very short period of time and we tell you that we honor your commitment and your perseverance. Know that there is no need for suffering, that with your clear intentions you may go forward and create. Much of the lessons of creation have been set aside and you would do well to revisit them.

We also tell you that you are honored among us. This circle, which contains all apostles, all saints and masters and all who have served the One of Love, tells you that you are cherished beyond measure on this side. We join you in the physical by leaps and bounds. Many of you will meet the creators of long ago in the near future. You will meet those who have composed UFOG as the ships appear clearly over your heavens.  Know that this is a time of wonder, not a time of despair. It is a time of hope and a time of renewal.  Think of it as the spring with the summer richness to come shortly.  In this, we tell you about our love.  Farewell.