Waka’na’taka asks us to sit with him today…

Let me show you where all these pains originated and how we can better eliminate suffering. Channeled by Genoveva Coyle.

Greeting dearest warriors of light! I am Waka’na’taka, your brother in spirit, your family and ally. I come to thank you for your endurance. I come to sit with you and share stories about the past and remind you of the greatness and the strength that lies in each and every one of you.

Sit with me today and every day you are in any kind of discomfort, but mostly physical ones. Let me show you where all these pains originated and how we can better eliminate suffering. Let me take you into these lifetimes when you have suffered greatly for your people, for your hurt families, for your inability to live in peace with each other and with your land, with your Mother Earth.

Your souls were crushed and decimated whenever children and women were brutally raped and murdered. Your hearts were broken to see your men enslaved and forced to submit to working and living conditions that were disrespectful to their soul’s direction, forcing them to fight and steal from others, literarily diminishing and killing their spirit, little by little.

You have taken these memories and placed them into your hearts and built walls around them. You have placed them into your cells and DNA. You have removed them from your sight and placed them under thick scars so that you can continue your journey towards the light.

You said you would come back to revisit them and here you are at this time in the process of recalling, looking at the past, and healing all of these horrors and atrocious pains inflicted on the human spirit and Mother Earth. These violence’s were committed by those feeling great emptiness out of greed, fear, and an intense sense of separation from their own divinity.

All of your current pains are coming from deep wounds and have roots in many, many lifetimes. It matters not if you have a history or a long term affliction in a certain area or a more generalized disease, what you are feeling right now is the pain of your ancestors and the hurt of the Mother Gaia.

I am asking you to let go of them. I am asking you to be courageous and face these pains, face the fears and the old trauma and then bravely transmute them into light. Do not play this dance of addiction and victimhood that so many got entangled with. Do not get into distractions and avoidance maneuvers!

When you refuse to look deeper into your heart, when you turn your face aside and close your eyes in fear, and whether you numb your pain with medicines, alcohol or food, and sometimes procrastinate by giving your power away to another healer, know that not only will you delay and stall your own growth process, but you will place a wrench in the entire process of healing humanity and the mass ascension.

I am urging you to work with Mother nature and include Her in your healing process and workings. I am urging you to recall the language and the healing power of the plants and animals that are here to assist you. Remember the tremendous healing power of your own body, spirit, and soul, and communicate with them to speed up the process.

I thank you for this brave undertaking. I thank you for your determination to find and reinstate the innocence, the playfulness, and the joy of the human spirit.

Until next time, farewell.

By Permission.

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