Mother Mary: Sweet children, you are well ahead of your game…

You are clearing and eradicating the darkness and you are healing the world with your beautiful hearts! Channeled by Genoveva Coyle.

Greetings my sweet Annas! I am Mare’, I am your Mother, Universal Mother Mary, Mother of hope, Mother of transformation and Mother of change, your Mother and Mother to all. I am here to bring you my encouragement, and my unconditional acceptance and love to keep going, regardless what it is that you feel like doing, and then to move on to the next.

My sweet children, daughters and sons of my heart, it matters not what you choose to engage in and do next, for you are way ahead of your game and promise, and you are all filling my heart with pride and joy regardless of your decisions.

What matters the most to Me is to see you choosing that love for yourselves, that appreciation for your efforts to go deeper within, to travel that painful path of self-discovery until you find that sweet and pure core of who you are.

And getting closer and closer to that core of who you are is work, and it is hard work going against that deeply ingrained resistance of the human mind, as much as you are trying to dismiss and undermine this fact.

And you have asked Me why you needed to go through this painful processing to reach and unwrap the gift that you know you are? Why couldn’t you have just come down on Earth to shine from afar your brilliant light and love, thus dissolving all those core issues and veils in an easier manner? Are the tears even necessary?

You have done all this work of wrapping and entangling your wonderful selves in all of those illusions and false dense constructs, lifetime after lifetime, only in order to have myriad individual ways of unraveling and unwrapping yourselves at this time for the benefit of the entire human collective.

Sweet Annas, you can look at this plan as a process of immunization of the entire human collective. Yes, you have taken upon your powerful selves parts, types and subtypes of the viruses and the pathogens of the old third order dense diseases. You have taken them upon yourselves and then wrapped them in your light and love to attenuate their virulence and destructive power in order to create a specialized therapy that will work for your soul family, and for the entire human collective, as an annihilator and antidote for anything that is plaguing and working against that very essence of truth and love that is every one of you. You are clearing and eradicating the darkness, My wonderful angels of light, and not only from this blue and beautiful planet, but from the entire and multitude of universes and multiverse. So, you see my wonderful and sweet children of my heart, looking at this part of your journey through My eyes gives you the reassurance that you are doing what you have promised – you are healing the world with your beautiful hearts!

Stay in peace, stay with my love! I will leave you with this message, though I will never leave you!


By Permission.

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