Lao Tzu comes today to remind us to be in balance

Be gentle with your dear selves…you do not have to pressure yourselves into being and doing and becoming anything! Channeled by Genoveva Coyle.

Good evening dear ones! I am Lao Tzu, your friend, your teacher, your brother and your family. I bow to you, my dearest friends. I commend you for the courage you have to keep on going on this rocky path that you are walking at this time.

You are stalwart servants of the Mother. You are so determined to succeed in every single part of your mission and to follow thoroughly on your entire divine plan that you made eons ago, that you forget about maintaining that fragile balance and being gentle with your dear selves. You leave yourselves until last, as you believe you don’t matter and this is not right and is not of love. Correct?

And you are saying to me, “But, dear master, I do not want to stop when there is so much suffering in the world! I do not need to rest that much when there is still so much violence and abuse that needs to be eliminated! There is still disease and sickness in the world and I need to get myself ready faster, I still need to clear and release so much.”

This is why I have come to remind you that you do not have to rush through anything, you do not have to pressure yourselves into being and doing and becoming anything. The world can wait and will wait for you. In fact, the world will change with you, at the same time that you do!

There is need for balance in everything you do. There is need for adjustments as you go. Yes, you do need to follow your paths and refine this balance at all times. The old rules of living, which were not rules of love, are being replaced and you are the ones to implement and exemplify these new love rules to everyone.

You are re-writing these Nova Earth rules; you are rewiring your human brains and entraining others in so many subtle and effortless ways. Things are to become easier and faster for the ones that follow in your steps, indeed!

But, all of these new changes and adjustments to your selves do take enormous energy on your part and there is a toll your bodies have to pay. Your physical bodies are more affected when you are falling out of balance and harmony with the ever changing needs of resting and exercise, nutrition, and light and exposure to the sun.

Once you have agreed to be of the best service in every single thing you do, be the love, and follow the light path at all times, you have given permission to your guides and higher selves to take you towards the steps and paths conducive to that which your heart desires the most, to have you grow and expand in light and love and at the same time to assist others according with your own divine blueprint.

But dearest hearts, this is not a straightforward path. This is not a linear process in time and space as you would expect because you are still working with your human brains, with the conditioned minds, though much is being currently upgraded and prepared for the time when you will be able to function swiftly as a multidimensional being of light in form.

And so, until then you will have to learn to stop and prioritize your actions. You need to remember that even when you do have a job and commitments there are times when you may need…and you might be assisted by us…to take a break and rest. There are times when you insist on your routines and travel to your place of work, but then you find out there are no heavy demands on you to do work because no one that would normally require your services shows up or there are only visits from children and other beings in form of a very high vibrations that are there to serve and assist you. Do you then get these clues that you need to take it easier and be gentle with yourselves?

You see, you do not need to become all stressed out or be in any kind of discomfort to learn to navigate more fluidly though your lifetime. When you become anxious about deadlines and following schedules, find out why you are worried and then let go of these fears and limitations because they are not valid.

Simplify and remove all unnecessary extra duties you have burdened yourselves with in the past, things and to-do lists that were meant to keep you busy in smallness and in an ego driven limited reality. Remember that the most efficient and powerful steps you have ever taken were the ones when you prepared the least and when you have followed the nudges of love.

Trust that that new magnificent you knows how to have you fulfill your entire plan within the Mother’s Divine Plan, when you become aware of most of the faint clues and signs, and when you follow and flow joyfully and playfully with your heart’s desire. Let go of hard work, let go of fear and doubts, surrender into the light everything that is blocking your way!

I will leave you now with my peace. I bow in reverence to you and to your fortitude.


By Permission.

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