Come with Archangel Jophiel on a treasure hunt to find YOU!

Use my Jophie dust to ignite the curiosity and thirst for the truth of who you are…Channeled by Genoveva Coyle.

Greetings my dear ones! I am Archangel Jophiel, Archangel of Love, for that is what we all are, are we not? I am your beloved big brother and protector, your family and best friend.

I come here in love and joy, I come here to bring you peace of mind and peace of heart and to reassure you that you are more than capable of going through this intensive and rigorous process of cleansing and removal of any trace and remnants of the mental and emotional illusory chains that are holding you back. They are preventing you from finding out and seeing who you really are, they are holding you back from flying free and fulfilling your divine purpose and mission.

I am here to ignite that curiosity and thirst for the truth! I am here to give you the strength to continue the search and to uncover all the layers of falsehood that you have ingeniously wrapped around thee.

Dear hearts, do not stop your quest until you are falling in love, absolutely and irrevocably, with that which you find within that magnificent you.

Do not allow your egos to distract thee, to take you into the busyness of life. Do not look outside yourselves for signs that you are lovable, loved and accepted. Know that as long as you see perfection and beauty in others and continue to desire to be someone else rather than who you are, then there is still more work to be done.

There are fears, and so many variations of them, for you have crafted them for yourselves. But I have given you the courage, and I will reignite it once more in this day, the courage to face your fears and to stop running away from them, and thus giving them more energy and life.

Take my hand and let me take you through some of your worst fears and let me show you how powerless they are. Take my Jophie dust and sprinkle it all over wherever you perceive that fear coming from, in front of or behind your body, in your solar plexus or your heart area, wherever you feel it arising.

But I want you to do it with enthusiasm and joy because underneath each fear you will discover another untruth that can be untangled more easily and transmuted swiftly into more love. Look at this entire process as an adventure and as a treasure hunt, for indeed in the end what you will find is a treasure, a glorious, irresistible and magnificent being of love – you -in your whole splendor and beauty.

I can guarantee that you would not desire to be anyone else ever and you will fall in love with your brilliant selves, just as we have done.

Dearest and bravest ones, I am here with you to watch your back, to protect and keep you out of danger. I am here to support and love you always.

I will end this message here, but know that I am never too far from any of you! Farewell.

By Permission.

© 2017 Council of Love, Inc.

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