Ascended Master El Morya: “Who Are You?”

Do not put yourself in a box with limiting definitions. You are vast and tiny, everything and nothing…you are where you put your focus! Channeled by Genoveva Coyle.

Greeting my dear Masters! I am Ascended Master El Morya, Chohan of the first Ray of Divine Will, your close family and best friend.

I come here to address thee and your dilemma that you have and obsess over and over as  “who am I ?” You want to give yourself a name, an image, you want to identify and place in a box that which cannot be contained.

Can you feel that you are children of the Mother/Father/One? Do you know that you are love? Do you feel that you are channels of light? Are you a healer of the Earth and humanity at different levels and of different specialties? Are you a teacher to others, even if only by example? Are you a creator?

And you are saying,  “Maybe, I am not quite sure…sometimes, not always or not exactly” and that is because you are working at different times with so many disparate parts of yourself, clearing and purifying, mending and healing them, healing and integrating them into yourselves, and then taking time to understand the purpose and the reason for their existence. You have created them at one time or another and now you know that you would not waste your precious energy to give birth to something that has no meaning or purpose for this lifetime, for this exciting mass ascension process.

There are times when you don’t get the answer, and it doesn’t mean it was not given to you, for let’s make it very clear, you know you have the answer to your question even before you finish your asking, but either you do not want to hear it, or you do not believe it or simply dismiss the information given as being invalid and improbable. And that is just fine and dandy, leave it there hanging around, because it will be recalled and make sense later.

I am here to ask thee to stop wasting your precious energies struggling to write essay after essay, talking and trying to define and explain your selves, your limitations and handicaps and then attempt to squeeze yourselves into a box with some limited definitions and phrases. You are vast or you are tiny, you are everything and nothing and anything in between, depending when and where you focus your consciousness.

By all means share what you are being asked by your guides and by the Council to share with your soul family. Give freely and graciously all that which is being revealed to you. Bring it to others to support one another, but stop all this mind churning of trying to explain and justify lifetimes after lifetimes, and all the process of connection and entangling of the core issues and false grids.

You have entangled yourselves in myriad ways, some times like the majority and some times in a completely original and personal fashion, just because you wanted to go with the collective through this process of complex untangling at this time. Take your time, enjoy any undertaking and make this process fun and exciting because you designed it as such.

When there are tears of sorrow coming down, allow them to come, let them flow for the benefit of yourselves and for the relief of the entire humanity.

But then come back into your compassionate, kind and loving center and remember that you have a choice to go through all of your mission with a light and playful demeanor regardless of what assignment you are given or of what type of name you give yourself.

You are loved and powerful, you are power and love.

I will leave you with my love and strength. Until next time, farewell.

By Permission.

© 2017 Council of Love, Inc.

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