Archangel Uriel: Use my Silver Flame to clear heavy emotions

Your negative thoughts have neither the power nor the strength to move beyond your auric field. Channeled by Genoveva Coyle.

Greetings my dearest angels! I am Uriel, Archangel of Love and Silver Light, bringer of the future and the truth in this now moment, and your beloved brother and ally always!

I come to reassure you that you are doing a fabulous job in clearing heavy emotions, along with deep and hidden core issues for the entire collective.

You do seem quite disappointed with your sweet selves whenever you appear to respond to triggers in a less than desirable way, and you tend to judge yourselves harshly for doing so. Beloved brothers and sisters, I want you to use the gentle Silver Flame, the flame that shows you the plain truth.

Can you see how bright everything around you has already become? Can you see how much you have cleared even when you seem to be out of sorts or just plain angry? Your negative thoughts have neither the power nor the strength to move beyond your auric field. Do you see that your light and the love that you have in abundance are more than capable of neutralizing your denser energies which are arising at this time? Do you understand that you are harmless, so no outburst is able to affect anyone else, let alone compound and create more trouble in the world?

Let go of any self-imposed guilt. Let go of self judgement and forgive yourselves for your upsets and discontentment while traveling through the dark spots within yourselves. Your human family, the ones that are entrusted with this delicate task of gently triggering you, are strong angels in form that love you unconditionally and they do understand that you are extremely courageous to volunteer to clear issues that have been deeply covered and hidden away for so long. They also know that this is assisting them, and at the same time the entire human collective

Let go of expectations as to how you would better work through your core issues, this way or that way it matters not, as long as you are being gentle with your sweet selves. Your way is indeed the best way, because it is with tears and sometimes with anger that you delve deeper into the roots of feelings of disempowerment. This is how you are able to see what it is that is causing the feeling that you are less than the being of pure love and perfect light that you truly are.

What is definitely not required is that you sit down there for a long time while trying to identify with the issues. Instead just see where they are leading you, and ask me or the Mother to release and transmute them into the light.

There is a massive release of these powerlessness energies, and many in the collective are falling prey to extreme depression and severe virulent infections, and they are looking in the wrong direction for relief, mostly by covering up and placing band aids on the real problems.

But you are doing it the right way, therefore you are completely removing and eliminating thick layers of enslaving and disempowering issues from the false grids that are holding humanity in limitation and smallness for so long.

This is a great service you are providing! This is a fabulous and much needed clearing that you have undertaken!

I will leave you now with my sparkles of Silver Light and with eternal love and gratitude!


By Permission.

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