Archangel Uriel: I bring you my Silver Flame to shine the light on what is holding you back

… I am too afraid of what I might discover that can stop me from functioning and doing any type of meaningful light work at all…Channeled by Genoveva Coyle.

Greetings my dearest and bravest ones! I am Uriel, Archangel of love and silver light of the truth, bringer of the peace, bringer of the future, your beloved brother and friend, and always your ally.

I come to bring you my gentle Silver Flame to assist you in recognizing all that is holding you back. Yes, all of those false mental and emotional constructs, but at the same time to have you see when you are avoiding and distracting yourselves from fully engaging in this process of untangling and unwrapping your true selves from layers upon layers of veils.

You are procrastinating and postponing that moment of opening this wonderful present and gift that you, in your wisdom, have prepared for yourselves, to assist you greatly in this current undertaking. You are still in fear that some parts of you being revealed to everyone out there will expose the worst in you that you can imagine, and that it will be so embarrassing and so bad, and that it will diminish you so much that you will not be able to survive and function any longer.

Nevertheless, you truly and genuinely want to continue bringing in and anchoring the light that is enlivening Earth. You do not want to fail to deliver your contribution to the fulfillment of the Mother’s Dream, so you would say, “I would rather go half way or a little farther on this journey, but I am not willing to look deeply at the darkness within myself. I am too afraid of what I might discover that can stop me from functioning and doing any type of meaningful light work at all.”

Dearest brave hearts, this is the time to show that courage and fearlessness that you possess. This is the time when you have to have faith in yourself and in the spark of love that the Father and Mother placed in your hearts when you were conceived eons ago. You could never, ever forget and separate yourselves from the love that you are, no matter how far into the darkness you have decided to travel.

Take my silver light to shine upon every dark corner, take my gentle Grayelsha Flame and see the truth and the light in every shadowy part of self. Sit in silence with your entire being, love it and accept you unconditionally! Sit peacefully and then go deeper and deeper, allowing the silver light to penetrate through that image of yours. You will be pleasantly surprised by the glimpses of your majestic and brilliant self coming through, for you see you are not the good parts, you are not the bad parts of self…you are you, and you are love.

You are right there my angels of the silver! I am with thee holding your hand, showing the way to your freedom!

I will end the message, and love you now with my silver sparkles and love! Until next time, Farewell

By Permission.

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