Universal Mother Mary suggests we direct our core issues to her in a healthy way …

Place them into my blue box labeled “Core Issues” and then see me taking them away, transmuting and transforming them into the purest love and light there is. Channeled by Genoveva Coyle.

Greetings my sweet Annas! I am Mare’, I am your Mother, Universal Mother Mary, Mother of change and transformation, Mother of all. My dearest and brave hearts, I hear your call, I hear and feel your pain and tears, I hear your cry feeling abandoned and all alone. And yet you know that this is not true, that I am always with thee and that there is not one moment that you are left alone.

Come and sit with me, let me embrace and enfold you in my arms; come and sit with me for as long as you feel the need.

And then wipe your tears and see the wonderful work you are doing, see the effect you have on everyone around you and far beyond when you remove these veils and false constructs for all of humanity.

There is so much pain and suffering that is being buried in the deepest layers of my beautiful Archangel Gaia and into my dear children, the humans that have decided to experience this separation from my heart and from the Father. This sense of being isolated and left alone as a newborn and as a child, when one felt more vulnerable than ever, these painful memories are coming up for everyone to be released, transmuted and completely eliminated.

What is occurring, my sweet and dearest children of my heart, is that the ones that are still asleep or barely awakening at this time, they are not aware of these core issues and how to direct them in a healthy way and how to remove these utter lies and untruths.

They blame their unhappiness on others. They project and justify and create so much drama and turmoil in their homes and wherever they find themselves interacting with others, increasing the chaos of the negative energies.

But you, my brave hearts, sweet angels of my hearts, you have decided to go down deep into your hearts and find them all and then to release and eliminate them for good and for everyone.

Give them to me even when you do not understand what it is that is hurting thee! Wrap them in my blue, place them into a blue box labeled “Core Issues” and then see me taking them away from you and transmuting and transforming them into the purest love and light there is.

Do not spend too long trying to understand why they are coming up for you and why they are so deeply engrained in your cells, but notice the reluctance you have at times to let go of them. These core issues have been with you for eons, and they have assisted you somehow. And so, you got some visible attention, even if it wasn’t exactly what you were hoping and looking for.

Let go of them my dearest ones and let me replace them with my love and light. Let me fill you with my joy and laughter so that you can find your way out into freedom. The path is clear dearest heart, that invisible door to the magnificence of who you are was always open for you to move out of your self-imposed limitation and seclusion into your vastness and brilliance.

When you do so you can assist so many of your brothers and sisters, your soul family that are still caught in pain, confusion and helplessness.

I am so proud of you, dearest angels of light and hope and I commend each and every one of you for your steadfastness, valor and fortitude. I will leave you now, though I am never too far from you.


By Permission.

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