“I am renewing my request to use my Violet Flame and to write ‘love’ everywhere and to communicate. That writing is un-erasable, it is immutable, and it is the wave, the sound, and the energy of transformation, transmutation, and the anchoring of the I AM. It is a reminder to Gaia, to the kingdoms…write ‘love’ on your cat and dog and horse…it is a reminder to Gaia and to the kingdoms that you have not forgotten them and that you share the same mission and purpose. They know and they know that you know, but it is like someone saying, “I love you” as Mi-ka-el has talked about this very week. You may know someone loves you, but do you not wish to hear it? Do you not wish to feel it, to receive it, to have it refreshed and renewed? Of course you do.” St. Germaine