Father Yahweh gave us the power to be creator gods!

You are perfect beings of love made in my image and there is nothing that will ever change this truth! Channeled by Genoveva Coyle.

Greetings my dear children! I am Yahweh, your Father, and I feel you need my shoulder to lean on and support you at this time of intense processing.

Dearest ones, you are not children any longer, you have grown and matured so much and yet I feel that need to come and bring you fresh energy and strength.

I also want to remind you of the power I have given thee when you emerged from the Mother’s womb, the power to be the creator god and manifest paradises out of love. I want you to remember that you are perfect beings of love made in my image and there is nothing that will ever change this truth!

You can continue to hide, you can pretend that you are powerless or keep on giving your power away to others or to illusions, using millions of excuses for doing that. But you can’t stop the voice of your beautiful soul that is nudging you to step into my golden shoes, and into your divine authority.

Working on your core issues is not a task for the weak of heart, but you desired to do so, therefore, go with full speed and do not stop until you are completely free of the programming, until you are able to manifest in your reality only that which you desire the most.

You are working on deep wounds at this time. You are courageously uncovering and facing the most painful traps and limitations that have held humanity in the lowest vibration of the 3D for so long. You are weeping often, and your heart remembers the aches of betrayal and disappointment of those that hurt you, being incapable of receiving your unconditional love. Know that when you cry, feeling unseen, misunderstood, not worthy and not lovable, you shed tears for the entire humanity, removing layer upon layer of untruth not only from your immediate earthly and soul family, but from so many more.

You are rapidly processing these false constructs and elephant chains, loosening the grip of the self-imposed enslavement of the low density of 3D. You have your dear children, spouses, and parents going through the same process unknowingly. And while going through your daily life, working, shopping and traveling places, you meet others that will be effected by this wonderful work of removing the shackles of limitation and despair.

Do you see how far your work is reaching out there? Do you still feel powerless and ineffectual in your efforts and work of the light?

Stand tall and strong my bravest of the brave, resilient children that you are! This heavy storm of illusions and negative energies shall pass too, and soon that peace and harmony will reign again in everyone’s hearts.

You have asked for it for you knew that you can do it, you knew that you have that ability and resourcefulness to rise above the lies and the suffering and see the truth of who you are, the truth that lies in every child of mine.

Should you feel weak, should you feel like giving up, call on me and I will be with thee to whisper words of love and reassurance into your tender hearts. I am with thee always, I have never left you!

I will end this message here, leaving you with renewed sense of peace and fortitude. Farewell.

By Permission.

© 2017 Council of Love, Inc.


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