Celebrate with St. Germaine and share his Amethyst Elixir!

This is the time to see and fully accept that you are the masters of the Nova Earth! Channeled by Genoveva Coyle.

Greetings dear ones! I am St. Germaine and I could not miss this opportunity to come and talk to you, to cheer you up, and to offer you a glass of bubbly amethyst elixir that will refresh and elevate your spirit.

Dearest brave and courageous ones, working on the core issues and false grids to dismantle, transmute and eliminate the illusions and lies from this beautiful Planet Earth is not an easy task, but there is nothing that can fool you any longer.

I am here to offer you my help. Yes, I know that Raphael and Raj are the main moderators here, but I have gotten permission from the Mother to come and clear the fears that creates fogginess and confusion. I will gently remove all of them, so that you can then see the issues, so that you can clearly look at what you have built out of disappointment at finding yourself isolated and seemingly separated from Source, or out of that desperate need to fit in or to be accepted and loved by the ones in human form.

Now, all of you in this circle and in the forefront of the lightwork, all of you know and feel the intensity of love that the Mother and Father have for you. You are loved and accepted, you are cherished and highly regarded and respected for standing tall and loving in your power during these chaotic times.

If you know and feel this is the truth, then why is it that you insist on having others acknowledging and appreciating you. Why do you fall apart when there is a negative comment or others express their dislike or lack of trust in you? Why are you so afraid to step on others’ toes and be yourselves without hiding and pretending, especially when you love them?

Why do you believe that you are not good enough and beautiful enough to be who you are?

And why are you still afraid to see who you really are?

I told you a while ago that you are perfect in every way, that your worst fear that you might be a mistake or some mis-creation of the Mother is ridiculous and I won’t spend my time debating this issue.

“ But St. Germaine,” you are saying to me, “I know the Mother made me beautiful and perfect, but then I went on experimenting and playing with fire in my many previous lifetimes, and I know that in some of them I misused my powers, and in some of them I was misdirected and created a lot of suffering for others and for myself.”

And I say to thee that this is not changing my statement that you are perfect and beautiful. Nothing that you will find in your past can place a dent in the enormity and vastness of the love that you are.

I am here standing in front of you as proof of what I say to thee. You know that I have been incarnated on Earth many, many times and you have heard that some of those incarnations were less then positive or honorable; indeed they were quite painful for others and for myself. But this is not diminishing who I am in the wholeness of my being.

Take my Violet Flame, get rid of any fears, and then cut through and remove all of the layers of bandages and falsehood that you have used to cover up your wonderful and magnificent self.

Do not stop until you uncover every bit of self! Look in the mirror, marvel at who you are. Do not rest until you absolutely and definitely love yourselves.

Dearest hearts, you deserve that and more. This is the time to see and fully accept that you are the masters of the Nova Earth!

Cheers my friends. Celebrate and enjoy your freedom!

Until soon, farewell.

By Permission.

© 2017 Council of Love, Inc.


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