Archangel Uriel: You are seeing life’s challenges from a different perspective…

You are making spectacular progress processing and releasing all these false constructs and illusory blockages, for yourselves and for all. Channeled by Genoveva Coyle.

Greetings my dearest ones! I am Uriel, Archangel of Love and Silver Light, Bringer of the Future in this now moment, Bringer of the New You, your family and beloved friend always.

I come here to hold your hands and to praise thee, to assure you that you are making spectacular progress processing and releasing all these false constructs and illusory blockages, for yourselves and for all.

Every single veil that you diligently remove empowers you to see deeper and deeper through the old programing of the third dimension, giving you a different perspective on your previous life challenges. You now understand, with great compassion and humility, how humanity was held in this paradigm of enslavement and limitation for so many years with no chances ever to escape it.

It was designed, deviously, to be maintained, strengthened and perpetuated ad infinitum, being fueled by the pain and the suffering of the ones trying to liberate themselves from it.

Dear ones, the bravest of the brave, brothers and sisters of mine, you are taking responsibility for yourselves and for your powerful being. You are removing the shackles of disempowerment for yourselves and for all of humanity. You are releasing the anger and the expectations that the problems of the world and its people will have to change first so that you can be at peace.

You know now with certitude that when you bring these bothersome issues within yourselves to accept, love them, and free them, then everything from the outside that is upsetting and unsettling for you will be magically dissolving and disappearing from existence. Yes, bring back all of your projections and your world will be free and peaceful at last.

You are releasing and transmuting some of your worst fears, such as the fear of failing your mission of light, and the fear of failing the promises you have made to the Mother eons and eons ago.

You know that you are tended [to] and lovingly guided at all times and yet you fear and mistrust your sweet selves. You are terrified of being misdirected and misled by your own shadow part that is pulling and tugging at you for love and acceptance.

Use my Silver Flame, dear hearts. Look this fear in the eye and see it as invalid and unworthy of attention. Then trust your loving heart that you can embrace any shadow part of thee and change it into love. Your love is enormously powerful and you are more than capable to bring in and integrate any aspects and facets of yourselves that are less then love.

By doing so you acknowledge and accept your wholeness, your entire being, with the good and the bad, the beautiful and the ugly, the light and the dark and everything in between. You can release all judgements of self and others. You can then love yourself and others unconditionally. You can then be free wherever you are.

You are right there beautiful warriors of the light. Allow me be of service to you, to hold the Silver light on high so that you can better see your last jump into freedom.

The Mother has chosen well; you are fulfilling Her Dream.


By Permission.

© 2017 Council of Love, Inc.

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