Archangel Uriel: I can help you with your core issues…

Go inside your heart, sit quietly by the Silver Flame and ask me to replace them with the Divine Qualities and Virtues. Channeled by Genoveva Coyle.

Greetings my dearest ones! I am Uriel, Archangel of Love and Holder of the Silver Light, your close friend and family, always.

And yes, I know you are working through your past issues, through all the false constructs and core issues, and so I won’t insist on talking about bringing the future into your life in this now and intense moment in time.

But dearest and brave ones, you do not have to make this removal process painful and strenuous, you do not have to work hard on your core issues release just because they have been so deeply ingrained in you. They have influenced and directed every action and every response and relationship you have ever attracted to thee, but you know that they are not the truth of who you are.

Know that you are here with us in a safe gathering, and I am with thee by your side holding my Grayelsha Flame high up for you to see. Understand that the message and the distorted information contained in any core issue is only a twisted construct of layer after layer of lies and untruths. They seem to be more powerful and painful than any other illusion and dense old memory, because you have been suppressing them unconsciously and have really avoided looking at them for such a long time.

Now you are shocked and surprised because they have been dislodged from their hiding place and let loose into your conscious awareness, and are tugging at you for attention. You feel even more powerless after spending loads of seemingly futile energy to suppress and hide them, and here they are rising up for everyone out there to see them.

Everyone sees them and sees through them, everyone is dismissing them as invalid and ridiculous, but you are the only ones with the power to free them and release yourselves from their grip. They pull at you, and give you painful signals in different parts of your physical body. They are really asking for your attention, so you just set the intent to let them go and transmute them into pure light.

Go inside your heart, sit quietly by the Silver Flame, take your frightened sweet inner child with you, cuddle up together and listen attentively to what your core issue is saying to thee. See you both placing or throwing these issues into the Silver fire and if they are rapidly dissolving and disintegrating, then, my dearest hearts, know that they were not of love and truth.

You may get an image or just a knowing of what they were related to, but even if you do not have a name for them, it is just fine to let them go back to the Source and you will get the insight sooner or later.

Ask me to replace them with the Divine Qualities and Virtues that you seem to need the most of at this time and let me give you the strength and the clarity to go through this intense process until every single taint of dust and debris of core issues has been removed, so that you can emerge freely and brilliantly in your magnificence and splendor.

I will leave you now with my silver sparkles and my eternal love and gratitude.


By Permission.

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