Archangel Raphael: I am here to remind you of your personal healing power!

You are teaching by example and assisting in the removal of  unwanted and dense energies with dignity, ease and grace. Channeled by Genoveva Coyle.

Greetings dearest ones! I am Archangel Raphael, Archangel of Love and Holder of the Emerald Green Ray, Universal Healer and Physician, in service to the Mother, to you, and to all.

I am here to remind you of your personal healing power regardless of your ray color, for you know you can assist anyone that is coming to thee for help and you can remove and dissolve any dis-ease when you remain centered and loving, only, of course, if this is for the highest good of all concerned.

There is no need to know exactly how it is done or the origins of the disturbance. What you do need to do is to intend to be loving and to expedite the healing process regardless of how the illness is being presented to thee.

Dear hearts, I know that it is easy to do. So when others are coming to you asking directly for healing and guidance, you never waste any time in sending all that you have and more by praying and calling on me, on the Mother or on everyone here in the Council of Love.

The problem arises sometimes when there are these…let’s call them atypical cases…when there is a lot of chaos and turmoil and when the ones in need come to you in anger, attacking and even kicking and screaming. This is the time when you need to remember to set firm boundaries and to remain poised and strong, detached but centered into your heart.

Call on me or go into the 13th Octave and endeavor to sit peacefully in the stillness for a few moments. Respond with kindness and compassion knowing that this is their ego speaking, triggered by their own fears and core issues surfacing to be recognized and released.

Do not allow yourselves to be dragged down into the lower vibrations and into despondency regardless of how vicious and hurtful their attacks might be.

Let go of the expectations of being spared of challenges coming through and from the ones with whom you are invested emotionally, especially your immediate earth family, your children, spouse or parents. Yes, expect the unexpected, or better, have no expectations when it comes to love investments, for this is of the ego and it is conditional.

In fact, realize that your loved ones are here to assist you to become stronger and to expand your level of awareness even further. In this way you are getting closer and deeper into your sweet selves, removing hidden walls around your heart, blockages that have been buried and so well hidden that you have forgotten that they are still present within.

At the same time you are teaching by example and assisting your family in processing their load of unwanted and dense energies with dignity, ease and grace. There is no need to go into victimhood and self-pity. There is no need to go into suffering by allowing your mind and your egos to make a great deal of these events, even if the pain seems deeper than before.

Yes, the pain is very deep indeed for you have been disappointed and hurt in the past, and in this lifetime while still in a sleep state, and in the numerous previous lifetimes of descent into the lower densities. You have been hurt when all you wanted to do was to give and be love, but you have been misunderstood, mistreated and betrayed by the ones you trusted and loved. They were not able to receive and fully understand your genuine offering, and you have reacted in shielding and closing yourselves in an attempt to protect your tender heart.

It is the time to remove this ancient pain for good and to completely and permanently open your hearts, dearest and bravest healers of the soul! Your loved ones are challenging you greatly by asking you to remain fully open-hearted and loving at all times.

Remember the times when your young ones were testing your limits and their own boundaries? Remember how easily you accessed that knowing that with plenty of love and patience this one shall pass too? Even if you were not pleased with the tantrums and the trials, you remained firm in your decisions, open and loving until the lesson, for the parent and child, was learned and assimilated.

Beloved ones, this time is just about the same, only a little more complex. Your children and loved ones were considered your greatest source of strength but also your Achilles’ tendon, a way for the old third to keep you captive in smallness and limitation. You know now where your strength and stamina is coming from. You know now how to remove these last veils and entrapment illusions.

Once you master these last lessons, taught brilliantly by your own children and loved ones, you can become truly free. You can become free to follow your heart and create whatever you feel inspired to bring into this nova world, knowing that your loved ones are free themselves, for they are always safe and extremely powerful on their own.

Ask me to assist you and to speed up this tender process of heart healing and opening. Call on my green emerald anytime and allow me to serve you and your loved ones in every way possible.

I will leave you now with my eternal love and embrace.

Until next time, farewell.

By Permission.

© 2017 Council of Love, Inc.

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