Archangel Mi-ka-el: Do not question your ability to succeed!

You love exploring new territories, but there are times when you feel unsure, vulnerable and even apprehensive. Channeled by Genoveva Coyle.

Greetings my brave hearts! I am Mi-ka-el, Archangel of Love and Peace, Warrior of the Light and Truth, your beloved brother, family and ally always, for I am with thee and I am protecting you every step of the way.

Do not question your ability to succeed in any endeavor you are guided to engage in. Know that you have all the wherewithal and wisdom to face anything that you are being nudged to undertake, even if this seems risky and impossible.

Dearest and beloved brothers and sisters, you are constantly moving further along your path of light while you continue to expand and stretch yourselves to the limit. You love exploring new territories, for you are the pioneers of the Nova Earth, but there are times when you feel unsure, vulnerable and even apprehensive.

You remember then to pause and turn inside yourselves to your guidance and wisdom to ask for reassurance and understanding. You are so committed to your divine plan and to bringing the Mother’s Dream to fulfillment that you have chosen a steep and even rocky path to walk as a wayshower and as a trailblazer.

This is why you feel that when you have reached a stable ground and arrived at an understanding of what to expect next, then the plan changes and gets adjusted again and you are surprised with even bigger challenges that need extreme courage and fortitude.

You are discovering that the term ‘warrior of light’ we have assigned to thee eons ago, is a term you assume for the battle that you are taking to maintain the peace and the serenity within your selves and not for a fight with the outside negative forces. You are learning now that your major task in this lifetime is to let go of the disempowering thoughts and lies and to accept and integrate every part of yourself that has been especially prepared by you.

These parts are eagerly waiting for this moment of reunion. Even the aspects that you consider are not of any use…the aspects of the shadow or darkness in you…these parts that you have disowned by trying to dissociate and forget about, or simply avoided acknowledging, even they are here to assist you greatly in this lifetime’s journey.

This is why you need to allow them to come home, you need to have the courage to take them into your heart and to listen attentively to what they have to teach you. Hear their story and message with your heart. Understand that they will give you enormous strength and power that can be used for the highest and greatest good of all. They will open your heart further and deepen your compassion to deal with difficult situations designed for the mission you have chosen in this lifetime of mass ascension.

Do not hesitate and do not fear them any longer. Open your heart fully and welcome them home, for they will help and take you to those in need, to places that are in dire need of your light and love.

I am here to be by your side, to reassure you that you are mightily protected, that you are watched over and shielded personally by myself, just as I promised you before this brave descending into the densities of the third and fourth dimensions began. You are loved and cherished more than you can ever imagine.

I will leave you now with my love and blessings. Farewell.

By Permission.

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