The Agarthans: We congratulate you!

You are masters of light and you are making it possible for the vibration of humanity to be increased steadily… Channeled by Genoveva Coyle.

Greetings dear ones! This is the Agartha people inhabiting the inner Earth, and we are coming here as a collective to greet you and to congratulate you for the work you do and for making this rapid progression of the ascension happen, for the visible victory is here.

You, the brave ones that are immersing yourselves in the densities of the negative energies coming up now with more intensity than ever, are making all this happen because you are able to hold onto your high vibration. You are consistent in holding the light on high for everyone to see. You are giving humanity hope and encouragement just by being the love that you are, just by standing tall in your power, guarding and watching over everyone without even speaking one word.

More than that, you are making it possible for the vibration of humanity to be increased steadily, because you are transmuting everything that is overwhelming and even damaging to them. The effect of your work is that we, as well as many of the benevolent light beings, can come out safely and commune with you and with anyone that is willing to see and release more of the illusion and the veils, and to expand their horizons and understanding about what is truth.

We are so grateful for the heavy work of love you are performing at this time of turbulent changes, to go deep under the density of the third and fourth, to go in-between the dimensions and to bring in the bright light for all to see.

You are indeed determined to banish the darkness forever and committed to reinforcing the new laws of the Nova Earth. Yes, the darkness is more virulent than ever in their despair about holding onto the old. But you are so strong, you are indeed brilliant masters of light in your acute awareness of what is happening within your space at any given time. You are not allowing anyone to step over your boundaries and to break the sovereignty and freedom law of all beings incarnated and living on planet Earth at this time and in the future.

You are clearing the way, you are making the path smoother, you are giving a new meaning to the law of “As Above, So Below”, for you see, we were always here “below” and inside the Earth holding the high frequency and light, we were always here with Gaia, with the animal and plant kingdoms, waiting patiently for the time when you would be ready to close the loop and to align with the Divine Source present above and below and everywhere.

Of course, we have much to offer you so that you can do so rapidly, and furthermore, build the structures and the loving nova communities. Previously it was not possible for us to come and be able to assist and live with humanity, because the conditions were way too harsh and we would have perished rapidly. Now we can come and assist you further to get out of this old programing of survival and stagnation of the soul growth that has kept humanity enslaved for so long.

We will end this message now with never-ending gratitude and infinite love,

Until next time, farewell.

By Permission.

© 2017 Council of Love, Inc.

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