Message of the Day

“A question…when will this energy stop?

Linda: It’s going to stop when you let go of everything that’s old and debris and garbage. We are learning that if we hold on to it and assess it and process it in a pro-active way, then we are stopping the flow. Remember what the Tsunami is…this massive wave comes in and fills us with the Mother’s love, with Her hope, with Her reassurance, with Her nurturing, and then it recedes and pulls out all that debris, all that garbage, all that chaos, all the ‘stuff’ that isn’t serving us…and then the real Tsunami wave is coming in and engulfing us in this blissful love in the truth of who we really are!

If you find yourself dizzy and spinning, that vertigo, the spinning is an indicator that we are travelling interdimensionally…so make sure you are dropping that red cord coming from your root chakra way down into the heart of Gaia, make sure you are getting enough of that grounding energy.” Linda Dillon

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