Archangel Mi-ka-el: I am protecting you at all times…

You know that I would not allow anyone or anything to hurt or harm you or your earthly soul family in any way…Channeled by Genoveva Coyle

Greetings my peaceful and brave warriors of light! I am Mi-ka-el, your beloved family, and yes, I am Archangel of love and truth, Archangel of peace and light, in service to the Mother and to all of you.

I am your loving brother, but I am also your closest friend, for I am protecting you and I have my eyes on you and my heart is with thee at all times. You know that I would not allow anyone or anything to hurt or harm you or your earthly soul family in any way, and when there are children involved I am particularly eager to personally stand up and guard them with my life.

These precious children arriving on Earth in these current times of changes and transformation are extremely powerful and attuned to their higher selves and guardians. They are very evolved beings with only a little baggage to be sorted out and cleared. They are indeed very formidable generators of love and light, placed strategically in certain places, home, schools and institutions that are in dire need of light and upgrading.

With that being said, you understand why they are very precious and closely guarded by myself personally and by all of my legions of light. The only thing that you need to do is to love them and to show them the ways of the light, to assist them in navigating these dense energies joyfully and with confidence. They need your loving guidance in sharpening their discernment skills, and in how to follow their heart’s truth without compromising.

Being aware of the truth, seeing beyond the surface of the matters, this is indeed what you are seeking constantly, and this is how you assist others including your children and loved ones.

Your light will attract many that want to join you in your mission. For when light joins with light it amplifies exponentially and brings even higher levels of illumination and joy and it expands and ripples far out through the universes and multiverses.

But there will be others trying to come to you through the back door, through the innocent and unaware ones, and when you are alert, attuned to your senses and become aware of this fact, then it is easy to take a stand and to call on me. I am with thee my bravest brothers and sisters. I come to escort them and have them go on their very closely supervised ways, for as you know, the rules of living and interrelating with others have changed and everybody needs to obey. They are being given one more chance to correct their ways and I am very strict in making sure that the rules are clearly understood and followed through.

You are powerful enough to do it on your own, but I am always happy to come and reassure you that you are always safe and protected, but mostly to reinforce your awareness that you are impeccable warriors of truth and love and that I am extremely pleased to work and travel with thee.

Stand strong and tall, stand in your power beloveds, and know that you are loved and cherished beyond measure.


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