Allow us to place a gift into your heart: the Golden Rose of the Dragons

Wherever we work together as one, peace and calm will be restored once more…Channeled by Genoveva Coyle.

Greetings dearest ones! We are The Golden Dragons, defenders of the Throne, in service to the Mother /Father /One and it is with the utmost respect and eagerness that we approach you this day.

It has been a long time since we were able to come and freely speak to humans. But now, due to the work that you have done on yourselves you are able to hear, see and feel the love that comes from us. We are here to assist you, the magnificent planet Gaia, and every beautiful being that the Mother ever gave birth to, in Her perfection and in Her desire to bring into form only the purest love there is.

At these times of intense purging and cleansing, at these times of rapid changes and transformations, we are here to connect with thee, and to bring to you more love, peaceful warrior tools, strength and stamina.

The Mother’s Tsunami is intensifying, and the effect is that much of the dense and old fearful energies are being released from every being inhabiting the Earth. Yes, you have volunteered to transmute and clear the space for all. You do this with so much grace and determination, your fortitude is amazing, to say the least. We have promised you, we have promised the Mother eons ago that when the time is right, as it is now, we would come and bring you powerful tools of cleansing and purifying and just to be with you by your side.

Just relax and take few deep breaths through your mouth and/or nose, it matters not. Fill your lungs with our love and essence. Lower your diaphragm expanding your abdomen until you feel there is no more room for the incoming air and energy, then hold it for few moments.

Open your heart and see the swirling sparkling light flowing and filling your heart and bodies and all of your chakras, clearing and removing any of the remaining debris.

Bring in the dragon, bright and shiny golden, the swirling rainbows, and all the bright color combinations that you can see with your mind’s eye, and fill up your wide open hearts and then let us take you for a short ride into the 10th and all the way up into the 12th dimensions. Let go of the fears and the misunderstanding that have been placed into the human hearts regarding the dragon family, your loving brothers and sisters, just to keep you powerless and in fear.

Connect with that part of thee that is eagerly waiting to share their love and their magic powers with thee. Shed tears of joy if you feel your heart filling up with that unique happiness and remembrance of home. Step on their back and take them to wherever you feel called, to cleanse and purify quickly and more efficiently. Is it your home and/or work place? Is it your children’s school or perhaps a football field where the children’s games have become a war field of super inflated egos? It may be a major hospital or a remote area devastated by the recent weather turmoil, hurricanes and volcanic eruptions.

Dearest hearts, take us wherever you feel called on to take us, along with that aspect of yourselves that you have been waiting for so long to connect with. Wherever we work together as one, peace and calm will be restored once more.

See us as one, breathing in the light, and breathing out the flames of love and justice; the yellow golden, the fiery red and orange, the transmuting purple and violet, the blue and silver flame of the truth. See how everything that is of the illusion and fear crumbling down into nothingness, while only love and truths stands up in their magnificence.

Do not be afraid, for the dragon fire can’t touch and destroy the light and the love based forms and structures, as you already know by now. Nothing can do so. But the dragon fire will polish and strengthen them, will make them even sturdier and lustrous in their true beauty and valor.

Of course you can do this on your own, for you are extremely powerful when you set the intention to follow your dream of bringing and filling your world with love, light and beauty. But it is so much fun to take us whenever you feel that there is need for extra support and back up, for instant and magical manifestation of the Divine Will.

Before we leave, allow us to place into your heart the golden rose of the dragons, as a gift and token of appreciation, to remind you of our eternal love and of our readiness to come and cruise with you through the infinite skies of the Earth, the universes and the multiverse.

Until next time, farewell.

By Permission.

© 2017 Council of Love, Inc.

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